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This video is a custom and his name is used throughout, it’s 80% dialog on how and what I use to do to your dad, building up to me grabbing and furiously jerking off your cock then tit fucking, there is 3 cumshots and the whole time I am putting down your dads small penis while yours is big and pleases me. Its been sometime since my husband passed away and left all the wealth to you (step son) I am angry and working as a high end escort when I get a text for a job of a high roller I am picked up by the driver and when we arrive at the location I am shocked to see its my step sons house, I knock and let you know your friends ordered you an escort and it’s me, you let me in and I explain we need to talk, I start to confess that I was only with your father for the money and I use to cuckhold him, and I spill all the details on how I would constantly cheat on your father, I then see you are getting hard as I call you a pervert, you love that I am calling you this (used a lot in the video) then I know you are weak for my tits and ass so I strip, I am hoping to trick you into marrying me and becoming a trophy again

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