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This is the full and complete series of Turning My Hot Coworker In A Cheater, this series stars Kendra Heart.

Part 1

Part 2
All day at work Kendra had been keeping her distance from me, i guess i couldn’t really blame her. she had come over after work yesterday to use my pool, later on i was in the shower which has a clear shower door. Kendra who was obviously a little tipsy came running say she had to pee, i think she finally noticed the clear shower door once she had sat down on the toilet. i could tell she was trying to play it cool but i had a boner and she kept stealing glances at it! she finished up and said she had to take off, that leads us back to today. once our shifts were over Kendra asked if she could come hangout at my place again since she had nothing to do till her boyfriend got off work. when we walked in my front door i could tell Kendra was still a little nervous, she told me she needed to talk to me about yesterday. she said she might have been a little tipsy yesterday when she walked in on me and if that weren’t bad enough she had told her boyfriend all about. and apparently she also mentioned the my cock was over twice the size of his, which you could imagine did not go over well him. she told me that he didn’t want her to come over here again which was understandable since im guessing she liked what she saw! she didn’t want to loose me as a friend and she loved hanging out with me and at my house but we needed to just stay friends, deep down i knew what she wanted so i agreed. i asked her if she wanted a fresh beverage and she shook her head up and down very enthusiastically. a little while later when we were both pretty tipsy i made my next move, i brought the conversation back around to my cock and what she thought about it. she was embarrassed but tipsy enough to say she liked it, she admitted it was bigger then her boyfriends, like way bigger. i asked her if she wanted to see it again, she said she did but it would be cheating if she did! i told her she could just look and i didn’t see how that could be cheating, before she could answer i pulled my cock out and stroked it till i was hard. Kendra looked like she was lost in a trance, she couldn’t take her eyes of my dick. i asked what she thought and she just giggle and said she though it looked perfect, i decided to make my next move. i slowly grabbed Kendra’s hand and moved it over to my dick, she didn’t put up much of a fight and once her hand was on my dick she slowly wrapped. once that happened my horny coworker didn’t waste any time in stroking me to completion! i wonder what other stuff im gonna be able to get her to do behind her boyfriends back!

Part 3
today at work Kendra was acting really stand offish and distant, i couldn’t really blame her since yesterday she got a little tipsy and jerked me off! when the shift was over she came up to me and asked me if she could still come over and hang at my place for a few hours, i said yes of course. when we got back to my place she just started telling me that what happened yesterday was wrong and cant happen again. she said she still wanted to be friends with me so obviously she didn’t tell her boyfriend about the hand job. she said she really loves him and doesn’t want to hurt him. i told her that was fine, i asked if she wanted to lay out by the pool and she said yes but she said she didn’t bring her bathing suit. i told to just wear her bra and panties since it would cover the same amount, she told me that would be a great idea if she had worn a bra! i told her to just go topless, i wouldn’t care and im sure she didn’t like tan lines anyways. she agreed and went to get changed, i met her at the patio door with a mixed beverage for her and we went out to the pool. when we came back in she was more then a little tipsy and she said she wanted to tell me a secret. she told me that she masturbated thinking about my dick, without missing a beat i dropped my pants and fell backwards on the bed. from that point on it was like Kendra was caught in a trance, she brought her lips down to my dick and started sucking. Kendra swallowed every drop of my nut, i cant wait till she comes over after work tomorrow.

Part 4
All day at work Kendra Had been giving me the sexy eyes if you know what i mean. when are shifts were over she asked if she could come hangout at my place and of course i said yes. once we got to my place she we walked in the front door and immediately started walking to my bedroom. she made it pretty clear that she loved her boyfriend but as long as he didn’t find out she would be my personal whore on the side. once we were both naked Kendra showed me how much of a freak she was, she rode me so hard that she squirted all over my dick! in the end she begged me to fill her with my nut and i did all while her loser boyfriend never had a clue, shes my cum slut now!

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