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My GF’s best friend Katie is hosting a party at her place. Our sexual tensions been building for months, and now that she’s had some and on home turf, Katie decides to go for it. She pulls me into the bathroom and tells me to keep quiet. Laughing playfully she drops to her knees, pulls my cock out and starts blowing me. She smiles while saying how she knows I’ve always wanted this. After a while she tells me I can fuck her face, something she knows my GF does not do. Katie says she doesn’t mind, in fact, she likes it. While licking my balls, she reminds me I need to be quiet so no one at the party gets suspicious and reminds me that I better cum quickly. To speed things up, she pulls out her tits while I fuck her face. She then uses the extra spit and starts to tit fuck me, getting pleasure watching me squirm to stay quiet. Turned on by being in complete control of me and my orgasm, she does something she wasn’t planning on doing: stands up, turns around, lifts her skirt and lets me quickly bend her over the bathroom sink to fuck her. Now she’s the one who can’t keep quiet, and after I pound her from behind for a bit, she drops back down to finish me with her mouth. She tells me to cum in her mouth to avoid any mess, but I can’t help but explode all over her face and tits, making a mess of her and her party outfit. She’s stunned, but a little turned on. Smiling, she begins to lick up the cum and tells me to get back to the party while she cleans herself up.

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