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Katie comes home from school, walks into her kitchen and finds a man sitting on counter making calls and working on computer. It’s Katie’s father’s new business partner Nito. She asks where her father is and he replies in the shower. He has an instant boner as he stares at Katie’s big tits and huge ass. He can’t believe his new business partner’s daughter is so hot. Knowing her father just got in the shower, he begins some small talk that ends in seduction. Katie’s never been with an older guy past college age so he takes full advantage to show her what it’s like. She’s a big slut at her school so getting a little taste of an older man gets her wet instantly. Nito puts Katie on the counter, spreads her legs and starts eating her out. Such a young sweet tasting pussy she has. She moans for more as Nito now inserts his hard cock into her wet pussy. He fucks her on the kitchen counter and then continue in the living room. Katie shows him her riding skills as her fat ass bounces on his cock. Nito knows her father should be back soon so he puts Katie on her side to finish her off, he pounds her from the side before busting all over her big fat ass. Katie has not only a new secret lover, but a new desire for older men cock.

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