Jasmine Wolff – Night School

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

Jasmine, Daisy and Sharron are taking Psych 101 at night school classes to work on getting a degree. Professor Masters asks Jasmine to stay after class to discuss her paper. He is concerned about how poorly written it is, but will give her a chance to re-write it, and even offers some subliminal therapy to help her…

Daisy and Sharron are taken aback by Jasmine’s new school uniform but Professor Masters calls the class to order saying he will address certain “issues” after class. He asks Daisy to stay after to talk about Jasmine’s odd behavior and offers to use some special therapy to see if there is anything in her mind that she can’t think of that could have affected Jasmine…

Sharron does not know what to think of the uniforms Jasmine and Daisy are wearing, or the way the talk about how great the Professor is, or the crush they have on him. Professor Masters asks Sharron to stay after class

(TClosing scene all “We are your obedient schoolgirl sluts, We are your obedient schoolgirl sluts” as each is fucked while the other two stand at attention repeating)

Keywords: slut training, woman following orders, female training, submissive sluts, mesmerize.

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