Jasmine Wolff

Jasmine Wolff – Step-Brother Blackmails his Hot Step-Sister HD 720p

step-sister is in her room wearing skirt and shirt..step-brother comes in and says something along the lines of STEP-BROTHER: ” I know what you’ve been doing”.. STEP-SISTER: “what?, what are you talking about? STEP-BROTHER: “you’ve been stealing money from step-mom and dads room to go clubbing on the weekends, don’t play dumb with me” STEP-BROTHER & STEP-SISTER: (argue back and forth for a bit) STEP-BROTHER: “i’ll tell you what, perhaps i will keep my mouth shut if you can take care of something for me” STEP-SISTER: “what is it?” I’ am not hooking you up with one of my girlfriends STEP-BROTHER: ” well you know its been a while since i’ve had a girlfriend and there are just some things i need attending to” i can’t do it by myself STEP-SISTER: what the fuck are you talking about? hurry up i’m meeting cynthia at the mall at 5 STEP-BROTHER: well you see i have this problem here (step-brother whips out his dick) STEP-SISTER” ewwww what the fuck are you doing get away from me..NOTE: (its very important that the girl is grossed out and does not want to do it, that is the main thing about this clip, that is the focal point) STEP-BROTHER & STEP-SISTER: ( both argue some more, step-brother tries to persuade step-sister to jerk him off) STEP-SISTER: “sighs” just sit down come on, come on, lets just get this over with STEP-BROTHER: (sits down on couch), or lays down in bed if there is no access to a couch SCENE: step-sister lubes and jerks off step-brother but looks very reluctant to do so and mad, while she jerks him off she rolls her eyes, sighs, and switches hand, all while they argue once in a while and she says come on cum already, hurry up, urgh, i have to go,..then somewhere in the scene the step-sister gets frustrated and wants her step-brother to cum faster so she says ” okay we’re going to finish this now” so then she takes off all her clothes and then continues to jerk her step-brother off ..remember she is still grossed out and mad so its very important that she LOOKS disgusted and mad..if possible the step-brother than cums “unintentionally all over his sisters thighs and legs…after this she is so grossed out and says WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?..the step-brother just laughs and says thanks step-sis STEP-BROTHER AND STEP-SISTER: argue for a little more then the scene ends

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Jasmine Wolff – Master Coach – Part 1: Training Jasmine HD 720p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

Coach Masters takes time to individually train each of the girls on his swim team after practice. First he spends time with Jasmine in the locker room. She is trained to take EXTREME pleasure from being wet. The next day, she comes to see Coach Masters in his office to show him how much she loves her new “Olympic class swimsuit.” She gives everything she can to make her coach happy…

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Jasmine Wolff, Dava Foxx – The Master Plan – Part 2: Jasmine Wolff HD 720p

Jasmine is a successful single woman interested in buying her first house. Dava has come recommended as the best agent in town and has promised to show her the perfect property. Some of the things Dava says seem odd to Jasmine but she really loves to house and follows Dava up to see the Master Bedroom where she is surprised by the home owner. He apologizes and says he just needed to collect some jewelery that was left behind. Jasmine finds herself entranced by the beautiful necklace while Dava looks on smiling with a gleam in her eyes.

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Chichi Medina, Jasmine Wolff – Chi Chi Spits Cum on Napping Wife HD 720p

Jasmine is staying at her family’s house for the holidays with her husband. Chi Chi, her slutty young cousin sneaks into their room after they fall resting and uncovers hubby’s cock. He wakes up but she quietly laughs and sushes him and then starts to suck his cock. Hubby is panicked, his wife Jasmine is napping right next to him and the whole house is full her s family and here he is with his rock hard cock in little cousin Chi Chi’s young mouth.

Chi Chi is mercilessly enjoying his fear and now that he is rock hard she gits on top and rides him as if she doesn’t care if Jasmine wakes up. She cums, and then gets off him laughing, she then sucks his cock again until he loses his load in her mouth AND THEN SHE SPITS THE WAD OF CUM ON NAPPING JASMINE.

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Jasmine Wolff – Edging Secretary Seduction HD 720p

Walking in to my office, I see my secretary Jasmine is sitting at my desk. She wants things from me, more money, less work, more vacation time. And I have been very firm with her. But she knows, she knows what I think when I look at her, and now, she is using it, using me. The way she looks so confident, so sure. Then she starts flaunting herself, and she owns me, she might be the on on her knees, but she has me where she wants me, edging me closer and closer, she doesn’t have to say anything, she is saying it all the way she looks at me, she knows she is going to get everything, she knows she has me, then even as she cleans a few drops off with her tongue, she owns me.
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Jasmine Wolff – Cuckold’s Voyeur Humiliation HD 720p

Part ONE: Cuckolding – Your wife Jasmine has long had a crush on a coworker. But what she doesn’t know is that you have suspected this and planted cameras in the house. You watch as her coworker stud fucks her hard and deep, listening to her make sounds she never makes with you. You didn’t even know your wife could cum so much or how desperately she loves sucking cock.

Part TWO: Confronted for Cheating – You finally confront your wife Jasmine about what you saw on the hidden cameras. She is angry, but doesn’t want you to divorce her. After all, she isn’t going to be happy on just her teacher’s salary. You tell her to bring her stud over so you can watch them. She is reluctant but finally agrees. She does just what you expect, taking a hard, deep fucking, being the whore for this man that she would never be for you. It’s like she needs his cock more than anything. And yet she never wants to give you any. He fucks her better than you ever did and she looks right at you while he does it.
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Jasmine Wolff – Jasmine’s Horrible BOss HD 720p

1) An Evening at home/Voyeur

The CEO has made a duplicate key to his assistant’s apartment. This scenario includes Jasmine coming home from work (dressed like in the scene above: glasses, a jacket, blouse, skirt, bra, thong and classic high heels, NO stockings or pantyhose) and going about her business with her boss secretly watching.

The scene starts with the executive assistant coming home, relaxing a bit in the living room, walking to the kitchen, etc. Her boss enters her apartment and begins to watch her. After a few minutes she goes to the bedroom to get ready for the night. She slowly and sensually undresses until she is completely naked except for her classic high heel pumps. She puts on some lipstick and puts her hair up (I love ponytails or hair up in a bun).She then walks through the apartment in the nude on her heels, checking a few things here and there, sitting on the couch in the living room, looking at a magazine, etc.The final part includes the executive assistant returning to the bedroom and lying down on the bed, still wearing her heels. She starts playing with herself. Jasmine grabs a dildo and masturbates to orgasm. All the while her boss is watching and stroking his cock. When she finishes she sits on the edge of the bed. At that moment her boss walks up to her and gives her a facial. She is upset and yells at him to leave her house.The scene should have a real voyeur feel with the assistant moving and acting as if she is not aware that she is being watched. Throughout the scene Jasmine should wear glasses, her high heels and leave her hair up.

2) A Handjob in the Shower and a BJ on the Couch

Executive Assistant Jasmine who is again at a conference with her boss comes back into her hotel room after having taken a swim in the hotel pool. She wears a tiny bikini and high heels. Her hair is up and she wears glasses. Jasmine walks around the room in her heels and bikini, sits on the couch, checks her makeup in the bathroom, etc. She decides to take a shower and removes her bikini but keeps her heels on because she feels especially sexy in wearing them all the time. She walks through her hotel room naked except for her high heels and sits on the couch again, crossing her legs, dangling her heels and flipping through the pages of a magazine.Jasmine then gets up and walks to the bathroom where she takes a shower. It would be great if she could keep her high heels on while showering, emphasizing her legs. She masturbates and brings herself to an orgasm (the louder the better). As she takes a final rinse under the shower, her boss appears naked in the bathroom and joins her in the shower. He demands that she give him a handjob which she refuses to do initially but he grabs her arm and her to jerk him off.Jasmine strokes her boss under protest, complaining that she is married and that she should not be doing this. Her boss then her out of the shower. Jasmine has to put her glasses back on, walk naked (heels still on) to the couch and sit down. Her boss stands in front of the couch and demands a blowjob. Again Jasmine reluctantly complies because she wants to remain in the executive assistant position. She gives him head and has to take a facial. The scene ends with Jasmine sitting on the couch, looking with disgust at her boss.

3) Stripping and Sex

Jasmine is dressed in her white blouse, short skirt, bra, thong and high heels, sitting at her desk working on a file. She wears red lipstick with matching nailpolish. hair up and glasses. Her boss comes in and strikes up a conversation.Jasmine’s boss has discovered that she has been embezzling money from the company. He confronts her, and after denying it first, Jasmine admits to stealing the company funds. She is getting desperate because she wants to keep her job, having just gotten married and needing to repay a big loan for the wedding.The CEO then demands that she take off her clothes except for her high heels. Jasmine reluctantly agrees but protests while she slowly strips. Once naked, she has to turn around slowly for the CEO who appreciates her beautiful body. She then has to walk slowly through the room on her heels. She remains embarrassed throughout the scene.The scene ends with Jasmine having to have sex with her boss on the desk, both missionary and doggie. She tries to protest but has to submit to being humiliated in order to keep her job.As in the previous scenes, Jasmine should wear her hair up, glasses and high heels throughout.
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Veruca James, Jasmine Wolff – Change in Upper Management HD 720p

Jasmine sits on Veruca’s desk while the two go over the budget. Veruca talks to Jasmine about cutting her budget, maybe cutting back on her expense account. Jasmine laughs about how that is not going to happen. She knows Veruca doesn’t mind letting her use the company credit card for whatever she wants since she does it too. Instead she tells Veruca she plans to fire “what’s his face” she has been writing him up for pretty much any thing she can think of so firing him won’t be a problem since he has been with the company longer than both of them put together, they’ll just hire someone new at half the salary. They toast each other and laugh “so long to what’s his face.” Jasmine’s attempt to fire “what’s his face” causes a very dramatic change in the company management.

Keywords: veruca james, jasmine wolff.
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Jasmine Wolff, Dava Foxx, Jade Jantzen – The Master Plan – Part 3: Jade Jantzen HD 720p

From: Primal’s Mental Domination

PART 3 Dava has brought young Jade over to see the house for an estimate for cleaning. The young girl just moved in to town and is looking for any kind of work so she thought getting hired to clean houses that were for sale would be a great business. Dava explains that she has to interview with the homeowner’s personal assistant and introduces Jasmine. The interview reveals that Jade lives alone and doesn’t really know anyone very well since she moved. Jasmine explains how they have to be able to trust her since their are valuables in the house, for example, a beautiful antique necklace…Jasmine and Dava prepare Jade to serve the Master.

Keywords: Jasmine Wolff, Dava Foxx, Jade Jantzen.
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