Helena Price – Stepmom Helps Bullied Stepson Part Full HD 1080p (2021)

From: Helena Price Taboo

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Darien has been messing up in school, and his Stepmom, Helena is on him! She checks in with him to make sure he has done his work before he does anything else. When he comes out to the pool, he isnt completely truthful about getting his work done, and soon Helena notices some ‘off’ behavior. She can’t believe her stepson is jacking off to her right behind her back! Of course, he thinks he is slick, doing it too close to the edge of the pool for her to notice. She really has a keen sense for these things, so she plays along, changing positions, spreading her legs further. She really puts on a show; as she is curious if he has the balls to jack to completion right there and this is all somehow a major turn-on! She is glad he cant see how wet she got under her bikini bottoms!

Ms Price has to sit her stepson down for a talk, since his grades have been continuing to slip. He shyly confides to her that he is bullies and has trouble meeting girls. As soon as she hears this, Helena understands. Now it’s easy to put 2 and 2 together. His jack-off session in the pool, the lies and lack of concentration. Helena makes her stepson an offer he can’t refuse: some “encouragement” in exchange for some concentration. For him this was a no-brainer! Helena hopes this works, as she is really good with her hands and will do anything to help her stepson gain the confidence he needs…

Ms Price was elated to see her motivational techniques working. Sometimes, when someone is bullied, all they need is an extra shot of confidence! She wants to keep up the momentum so her stepson can succeed and overcome his bully problem. There wasn’t much time left til her husband comes home, and she wants to make sure her stepson has all he needs to continue to do well in school. Ms Price wastes no time in getting started, except there is one issue, she is using spit as lube and its not working as well. Her stepson has a suggestion that has Ms Price feeling extra nervous, while at the same time, she is beginning to enjoy this game…

Ms Price was super proud of her stepson because he has been able to focus on what is important, family and grades, instead of the bullies! Clearly the bullies have been ignored because Ms Price is seeing her stepson come out on top. Her methods are working, and she is really getting into this game…By now she is a bit curious how her Stepson’s dick would feel like inside of her, and he has definitely earned an extra special reward…it really feels like a reward to Ms Price too! sure, why not let him cum inside…

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