Helena Price

Rachael Cavalli, Helena Price – Stepmom and her Sister-In-Law’s Secret 3 HD 1080p

If Sisters-In-Law Helena and Joslyn want Helena’s Stepson to keep their secret, they will have to pay up! When he saw those two going at it on the massage table, he knew he wanted to get some, and he knew how to do it. Now that he has a video in his phone of them cheating on their husbands with each other, the embarrassed women have no choice but to give him a ‘massage’ too. Their anger turns to excitement when they see they have such a big cock to play with. They employ their skilled hands to milk stepson’s cock dry, and of course, to keep their little secret safe…

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Helena Price – Cheating At My Engagement Party

Even though I am getting married soon, I can’t ever break off my special relationship with ‘uncle’ Jack, my Dad’s best friend. I took this unique opportunity to see one another at my engagement party. I know it was a little bit risky, pretending to be ill and meeting him in me and my fiancee’s room for a fling, but honestly I was more excited to see Jack than anything. He was my first, and I will be his last. He seems to be even more turned on that I am getting married, so the sex is amazing! I managed to get in and out in a timely fashion, and back to the party before too many people started asking questions. What a good guy my fiancee is, holding the party down for me while I go upstairs for some ‘self care’

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Helena Price – Fiance Tiffany Is BBC Curious! I take her to a Gloryhole!!! HD 1080p

Tiffany, a bride to be is a little bit nervous about getting married. She contacted me and after a few DMs she and her fiancé decided she should try some Big Black Cock! This was probably from all the videos shes watched me in. lol. Now she comes over to meet me for the first time and I think Im going to take her to an adult theater with a gloryhole, just to test her out. The initial cock that poked through was a little sad looking thing. So we punished it! We smack that little white dick hard until he pulls it back out! hahaha! Now a real man slides his long black cock through the hole. She was a little shy her first time seeing a strangers black cock come through a gloryhole, but I took over and got that cock to cum in my mouth. To top it off, I spit it into the mouth of the voyeur pervert we let in the room to watch and jerk off! I think shes starting to come around. I will make her a BBC slut before Im done with her!

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Helena Price, Andi James – Virgin Stepson Meets His Favorite Porn Star FULL series

Being a virgin isn’t easy. My Stepmom must really care about me because she checked on me today, and i really trust her so I told her the bad news. I met a girl and we were on a date and i came in my pants while we were making out. Needless to say that was our last date.

I get too turned on and I need help. Good thing my stepmom was willing to help me as much as she could. I admit, i was way too turned on watching her strip for me, i was extra turned on by how embarrassed she was showing me her body. Trust me she had nothing to be embarrassed about, but in the end, i did because once again I came in my pants…I understand why my Stepmom can’t help me further, but my Stepmom did agree to take me to meet my favorite Porn Star, Andi James to help me sort out my virgin problems. My Stepmom is a life-saver!

I can’t think of anything more exciting than getting to meet Andi James and hopefully lose my virginity to her! My Stepmom is cheerfully and dutifully supporting me, and although its going to be great , I feel more comfortable having my Stepmom come with me. She agrees reluctantly and off we go!

Andi James was so sweet to me, and her big boobs were even better in person. My stepmom made sure she started slow, and she sensually stroked me, while talking so seductively, with those boobs ready to pop out of her lingerie… I held on longer than before but i totally nutted before i got to go to the next level with her. Luckily, she is able to meet tomorrow night too and my Stepmom is cool enough to help me. I am determined!The quest to lose my virginity continues! My Stepmom brought me back to Andi James’s hotel and gave me a pep talk while we were waiting on Andi to come out. She was looking so good in her little floral shirt with her cleavage on display. Andi sucked my cock even better than she jerked it, and I held out for more. I was getting even more turned on taking glances at my stepmom, oscillating between embarrassment trying not to get turned on.

Then Andi had a great idea; to jerk my cock off between her tits! IT felt so good and things got even more interesting when Andi asked my Stepmom to help her with her boobs to jerk me off better. I was so good holding my cum for them, until eventually i couldnt take it anymore, and i blew my load on Andi’s juicy breasts! She slurped all of the cum off my still-throbbing cock as my Stepmom watched in amazement. Good thing Andi is in town for one more night; hopefully I make it her best night! After that i will no longer be a virgin, and i will be confident with the ladies…thanks to my Stepmom’s help and Andi’s training… Today is the day i finally lose my virginity in that hot MILF pussy! My Stepmom brought me back to Andi James’s room for her last night in town. I am so glad she is supporting me and staying with me the whole time, its way better when she s here.

I got comfortable on the bed and Andi started by giving me more of that amazing head, but not too much, so we could get to the main course. She got on top of me; i dont think ive ever been so hard in my life. And she started to swirl my cock head around in her juicy hairy pussy, and then plunged me deep into her wet hole. It felt so good and she went so slow, grindig on my cock while i felt up her breasts. I stayed focused on self control and its good i did because then i got a chance to fuck Andi in the position ive been looking most forward to: doggystyle. My Stepmom looked on in awe as i pounded away at Andi, her big ass bouncing off me with each thrust. By now, Andi was loving it too. She turned over and i continued to pound her missionary off the side of the bed. I knew i was supposed to pull out, but it just felt so good. I thought maybe i just go for it and cum inside anyway; i can tell them it was an accident….My Stepmom will take care of it; she takes care of everything, and hopefully she also takes care of my cock one day…

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Helena Price – Hotwife House Party

Reality porn at its best. Hubby drops me off at a house party for horny white wives so we can get fucked every which way by several big black cock! Watch as I walk around before the party even starts looking to suck some dick and get fucked good by one of these black studs! My girlfriend is another horny white wife that wants to jump in on some interracial action, so she does and gets fucked just as hard as I do! The beginning to a very fun weekend!

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Violet Monroe, Helena Price – Strip Freeze HD 720p

We last saw the delicious trio of Helena, Violet, and Pearle back in Episode 511. They’re back, and lucky Kevin gets to deliver the forfeit to the two losers. It takes about 7 minutes to strip the losers Helena and Pearle naked, and the rest is the hardcore punishment. It starts with a paddling, just so the losers know who’s boss. The winner decides to get involved, fetching a strap-on. There’s a double-headed BJ, and fucking in several different positions involving all four people, with the Kevin and the winner dominant, of course.One of the losers manages to rip the winner’s latex penis right off. Kevin finishes off on the loser’s faces. He manages to get some in one loser’s eye, which I’m told stings like a motherfucker. Poor girl.

By the way, one of the winners talks smack about Trace, who was in Episode 511. He happened to be in the room at the time, watching this game.

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Helena Price – Step-mom’s Boner Punishment HD 1080p

And this one starts off normal video with Ninja on the couch, and Helena his step-mom walks in loudly flapping her basic rubber flip flops but then changes to his POV after she rips off your sheets and sees your morning wood in your boxers, she takes your boxers off she gives you a punishing Handjob to get rid of it before your step-sis sees. You wake up after cumming a huge load and she is mad. Then it goes back to Non-POV when she makes Ninja put his boxers back on and punishes him by making him lick her soles and his step brothers flip flops.

Clip starts with a far view of Jason wearing only boxers already lying down on the couch with a sheet over his lower half. And still a far view when Helena walks into the room loudly flapping her basic rubber flip flops.

After video then changes to Jason’s POV, when Helena rips off his sheet and she is SHOCKED to see her step son’s morning wood in his boxers. The video stays Jason’s POV after she takes off his boxers and gives him a harsh punishing Handjob with her feet up to his face so his step-sister won’t see until he cums all over her hands and Jason wakes up startled. (First 9 minutes)

Then it returns to a front shot Non POV for the rest of the clip where Helena makes Jason out his boxers back on and lie down on the ground below the couch while Helena stays still sitting on the couch, with the angle closer and from more down below so you can see both your faces and her feet/soles when he is has to lick her flip flops, and her bare soles and his step brother’s (Helena’s step-son) flip flops, with the angle always close and from more down below so you can see both your faces and her feet/soles,

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Helena Price – A Teachers Life Part 2 – Pimping Out One Of My Students! HD 1080p

This little bitch thought she could blackmail me. LOL. I dont care if she exposes me as a married slut to my students. I really dont care if the world knows Im a slut so I dont know why she thinks shes going to blackmail me. Instead I have a better idea. I call up one of my “sponsors” to let him know that I have a sexy little student that Im willing to offer up to him for a thousand dollars. Shes a petite young thing and very tiny. She has know idea what I have in store for her. I know this older guy is going to love fucking the daylights out of this innocent looking student! Im going to get some cock in the process of pimping her out too, so win win! lol!

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