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OK MY FIRST VID ME AS A MOMMY!!!Im excited, this made me horny AF. My b aby boy.. you’re looking so sad today. It breaks my heart to see you going through a breakup… Maybe its for the better, my son. She doesnt deserve you… I brought you your favorite tea in your favorite cup that I got you when we went to Amsterdam together. Do you remember? Mommy and son trip.. after all, since your dad left, it’s always been you and me. Youre mommys boy, I love you. Cum to mommys lap.. let me hug you and make you feel better. I’m the only woman whos gonna be here for you. Ok… now I know its gonna be weird what im gonna say and do, but you do you trust mommyy? Us mothers are ready to do anything for their sons. Let me unizip your pants (i virtually unzip you and take off your undies). I know how i can make you feel better.Wow! You have a semi hard on. Let me touch your big cock until your cock is hard for mommy. Let me take your big cock in mommys mouth.. feels good son? Our mommy and son bond is so much stronger now. Mommy knows best. My ba by boy. Do you want mommys pussy now? First let me tase you with my fat mommy asscheeks. I shake them for you. Then I take your big cock inside my mommy fertile pussy. Enjoy mommys pussy, the pussy that made you. I ride you (back and front, front not shown in preview), then I take you missionary, then doggy. Cum inside me son, mommys pussy feel so good. I wanna be the woman in your life. Youre the man of my life You give me your first fertile cum load missionary, i tell you to stay in mommys pussy, keep your load in me, and i make you fuck me doggy until you cum one more time (BIG creampie taht simulates 2 loads) then after a minute you give me your third load (‘smaller creampie’Wink. Maybe ill get pregnant, my son? You make mommy happy. This is I believe one of my longest if not my longest video here, I had so much fun doing it. Ive always wanted to make a mommy roleplay vid, and this is my FIRST. Id love to know what you think of me as a mommy <3. I hope you enjoy the video as much as i did!! *note: there may be some « spotting » not straight up b l 0 0d, but you can see what I’m talking about when you watch the preview as I’m riding the dildo ass facing the camera. It lasts a couple of mins, it’s practically invisible but if you see it it’s nothing to worry about. I believe the toy was really harsh on me. My pussy is ok, Don’t worry

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