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Sweetheart, it’s time to get up! You need to go to your doctor’s appointment. You’ve been telling me about this painful erections you’ve been having, you have a boner going on 24/7 and it almost feels like you took lots of viagra pills. You masturbate and nothing cums out. What… what do you mean you don’t need a doctor, of course you need one! Oh you’re being such a difficult boy today! You win. If you wanna stay home and not go to the doctor, then fine. But you’ll need to let me take care of you. Show me where it hurts… I rub your hardon and yes, I can feel how swollen and hard you are. You’re so BIG, of course you were gonna be so big. I mean, you’ve always been a big boy all around, it was so hard to get you out of my womb!! Alright I’ll stop with the mom jokes. My boy… this is what you wanted right. Mommy’s hand on your cock. This is the only way you’ll relieve the tension and pain. Let mommy take care of you with her mouth too and give you a blowjob. I tease you with my tits and tiny thong too. This will be the end of your blue balls! Give all of your cum to mommy. Don’t you wanna explode on mommy’s face? Give it all to me sweetie. ALL of it. A nice facial for mommy. You even get your cum on my tits and ass. Includes: taboo, mommy, mommy roleplay, blowjob, facials, ass, tasing, tits, and more  *the syringe full of fake cum of my squirting dildo is visible for just a few seconds!!!*

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