Erin Electra – Stepmom helps with your anatomy lessons HD 720p

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You’ve been having trouble in health class. apparently your teacher even called your stepmom to tell her about it. sheesh how embarrassing. you just get so nervous whenever the teacher starts talking about the human body and all of its parts that your mind just goes blank……I guess you’re just super horny, but you don’t want your stepmom knowing that! but she weedles it out of you. she knows you and knows how to get you to tell her things. but she says she can help! she is going to give you an anatomy lesson right here and now, while your dad is out of the house…..wait why does dad need to be out of the house? suddenly you get really nervous again, but your stepmom somehow manages to figure out just what to do at just the right time to get you to understand how the body works! health class will be so much easier!

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