Erin Electra

Erin Electra – Stepmom lets stepson fuck both holes 4K

Her stepson was having trouble with friends lately, like for example this evening, they all went out to a party and didn’t invite him. how was he suppose to get laid if he didn’t get to the party? Well She was his stepmom and she would make sure he got laid even if she had to do the fucking. So she mentioned the idea and he was into it so the got going. she let him put his dick inside her right there on the couch and he was having a good time in there, but he started fingering her asshole! his dad would never go near her ass, and it startled her at first, but then she realized she liked it! She might even like his dick inside her butthole even better! And he was willing to try. such a good stepson. and it wasn’t easy! his dick bent the first time he tried to go in so he fucked her pussy some more until she was really ready then he shoved his hard dick in her wazoo and they were off! and boy, did they get off!

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Erin Electra – Stepmom needs help with her lingerie 4K

Stepmom was in the kitchen all dressed up funny. She said she needed help with her lingerie…..oh, is that what that those clothes are called? they were funny, and, apparently they were messed up, and she needed help fixing them! Or maybe she was really just wanting her stepson’s dick, because she took her panties off and said they should just have sex!

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Erin Electra – Stepmom helps with wet dream 4K

Her stepson had another one of those dreams he’s been talking about where there is some sexy girl undressing for him and they are getting ready to have sex together, but then, right when the dream is getting really good and he is about to finally slide his rock hard dick into her wet tight pussy, he wakes up! And his dick is still rock hard! Well, this time his stepmother had a plan for his rock hard cock that would make everyone happy. she would just let him slide it into HER wet tight pussy instead!

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