Emmas Secret Life – Modeling For My Son Pt. 2 HD 1080p

You come in to tell son you had a lot of fun with his photo session last time and you heard he had a really difficult biology assignment. He tells you about it – it’s an assignment to study the female body and how it reacts during sex. You tell him that you want to help him with his assignment. When he asks how, you act shy at first and tell him that you are going to show him your body and have him take pictures for his assignment. You start doing a slow striptease with your son taking pictures as you’re taking off your clothes. Although you’re shy at first, you start getting hornier and hornier. When you take off your dress and are only in your lingerie, you tell him that you wore naughty lingerie especially for him, hoping that he would enjoy taking photos of you wearing it for his assignment. You tell him that you are starting to enjoy showing him your body and you want to make sure that all of his friends and teachers see the pictures he is taking for his assignment. You tell him that you are getting so wet and horny thinking about how they are going to be seeing pictures of you while looking at his assignment and how excited and horny you are that so many boys/young men are going to be seeing you naked. While you are doing the striptease, you show off your tits, your pussy, your asshole and your clit (make sure he gets a close look at your clit.) As you are showing him each part, you describe how they can be licked or touched to make you feel good (you can add on more dialogue here – whatever you want to say about doing things to yourself that make you feel good). While you are showing him, you begin to touch yourself and play with yourself, saying how good it makes you feel to show off your body and be so naughty. As you show off more and touch yourself more, talk about how you are getting hornier and hornier. When you are showing him your tits, I want you to rub baby oil all over your tits and say that this will help him to get better pictures and also makes your tits feel so nice and smooth and soft. After you play with your clit and spread your pussy with your fingers, you tell him “see how wet I am after playing with my clit while you take pictures of me?” You tell him that this is what happens when you get really excited and feel really horny & really slutty. Then you tell him you want to be even dirtier and naughtier and you want to give him an even closer look at your pussy. Tell him you want him to make sure to take lots of pictures of this part. You get out the speculum and use it to spread your pussy wide and show him your cervix as he is taking pictures. You tell him that you are very wet because you are very horny and feeling very slutty right now. You tell him that during sex, cum fills up this part of your pussy. You then tell him you’re going to show him how that happens. You take his cock (using a dildo that can shoot cum) and suck on it, talking dirty and saying how dirty you are, how naughty you are, how slutty you feel and how you want to be a whore, saying you want your son and his friends to cum inside your pussy. The speculum stays in the whole time (this part can be semi-short – I don’t imagine anyone would last very long with you sucking their cock asking them to cum inside your pussy) and when he cums, you shoot the cum into your open pussy with the speculum still in, letting the camera zoom in close to see it pooling in your pussy. Your son keeps taking pictures throughout this whole time and takes some pictures showing his cum in your pussy. You end the video by saying something like how you hope this helps with his assignment and that all his friends and teachers will get to see all the pictures and “maybe we can take more pictures again sometime” (similar to the previous video.)

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