Emmas Secret Life – Modeling For My Son HD 1080p

This is a 15 min Mother/Son POV roleplay. With a focus on shyness/romance and camera play. Hopefully you can make this fantasy come to life. If you can I have follow up videos in mind. I’ve broken it up into 3 parts just for the sake of how the video should flow. Part 1: You walk into your son’s room to say goodnight. You’re wearing a nightgown with thigh high stockings and glasses. It was his birthday today and you want to make sure he had a good day. You ask him what his favorite present was and he shows you the camera you got for him. You say something like “Aw, you like your camera? I’m so glad!” all the while being all cutesy and your normal charming self. You begin to relax while talking with your son and he asks if he can try out his new camera by taking your picture. You act shy at first but then agree after being reassured just how pretty you are. He begins taking pictures of you and you slowly loosen up and begin getting bolder with your poses. (If you could have real or fake camera flashes or shutter sounds that would be great.) Part 2: Your nightgown strap falls off your shoulder revealing your sexy bra strap. He asks what you have on underneath and you answer. You are still being shy but now a little flirty. You agree that underwear is similar to a swimsuit and agree to keep modeling for you. You take off your nightgown and are in your bra panties and thigh high stockings. (You keep your stockings and glasses on the entire video.) You continue to pose for him as he moves around you taking pictures. You become more and more aroused by this and slowly start touching yourself. Use words like “sweetheart” and the occasional “mommy”. As you get more aroused you offer to take off your bra and panties. After all, if he is going to become a proper photographer he’ll have to shoot naked women eventually. You remove your bra and panties seductively, he takes more photos while you do this. You pose naked for your son, your shyness being overwhelmed by your arousal. You’re like a bride on her wedding night. You make it to the bed and start posing. He touch yourself more and more until you are squirming with wetness. That’s when you notice your son’s erection. Part 3: You see your son’s massive erection (either real dick or dildo) you keep posing but can’t keep your eyes off it. You give slight moans as you touch yourself more and more on the bed. Finally you reach out and grab his cock and begin stroking it with one hand, the other hand between your legs as you squirm. He keeps taking pictures. You ask him if he likes these kind of pictures. When he says yes you get out of bed and onto your knees. You look right into his camera as you slowly and romantically begin to lick and suck his cock. The remainder of the video is the blowjob and dirty talk, but keep the loving mother persona. Eventually he gives you a massive facial over your beautiful face, tits and sexy glasses. He takes more pictures as you poses with his cum on your face and tits. It ends with you saying something like “maybe we can take more pictures again sometime.”

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Duration: 00:14:54
Video: 1920×1080