Cory Chase, Kara Lee in Brain Drain Steals my Step-Daughter HD 1080p

From: Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures

Kara is napping soundly in her bed when a strange dream over takes her. She suddenly has thoughts of a beautiful woman taking over her life and turning her into a slave. She submits willingly and falls madly in love with Brain Drain. When she opens her eyes Brain Drain is standing over her her hands glowing green, turning poor little Kara’s mind to mush.

“Come here” Brain Drain commands her new pet. It’s so easy to capture them while they rest. Kara obeys, touching herself and giving every thing she has to her new mistress. Her young sexy body is Brain Drain’s forever. Spreading her legs and touching herself. Moaning and cumming again and again like a good little slut. Her innocent body will do anything Brain Drain says from now on. The perfect puppet to be owned and used.

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