Cory Chase, Alissa Avni in Brain Drain vs Punisher HD 1080p

From: Cory’s Super Heroine Adventures

Brain drain has sent one of her slaves to retrieve some files from the Punisher. But that’s the thing about the Punisher, he’s always alert. He takes Alissa captive and uses a device to put her under his control. Now that Alissa works for him he sends her back to take down Brain Drain with an inside woman.

Pointing a at Brain Drain Alissa tells her to give it up and come with her. “Put the weapon down!” Brain Drain commands. But when Alissa resists her Brain Drain has to retrain her all over again. Putting her hands on Alissa’s head and melting her mind into a puddle of clay. Brain Drain molds her into the dumb slave she was meant to be.

“My poor little personal trainer” Brain Drain coos touching her tight muscular body. She pushes her down on the bed and tests her control, licking Alissa’s perky tits and getting off on her own power. She should be punished for failing her mistress. Made to masturbate and cum Alissa loses all control of herself. Licking Brain Drain and making her owner cum so hard. Now completely subservient Alissa is going to suck Punisher’s cock until he gives into her.

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