Claudia Fox- Silent Lust for her Step-Son HD 1080p

From: Primal’s Taboo Family Relations

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Part 1

Claudia and her step-son Rion are on aroad trip to drop him off at college and stop at a hotel for the night. Of course the hotel only has one bed, but he used to climb into bed when he was little so, it really isn’t a big deal Claudia is a little restless and wakes up as she rolls over. She looks ar her sweet step-son so lovingly but then she notices his huge erection under the sheets. She is SO EMBARRASSED! Even though she turns back over she can’t get back to rest, her boy is a man now starting college and with such a big healthy cock! She can’t help but give a touch, it excites her more than she expected and she decides to have one special night with her boy before he starts college

Part 2

The semester is over and the whole time Claudia and Rion never talked about the night before her started college. It was a long quiet ride back and Claudia had gotten them separate rooms when they stopped on the way home. Rion can’t keep it in anymore, he confesses to how much he thought about that night, Claudia is SO happy, she was worried she ruined their relationship!

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