Angel The Dreamgirl – Bliss To Be Deep in You 4K

Hi Angel, I want to order a clip with you, I admire you and your videos, it’s so hot. You are amazing woman! Damn your hubby is lucky.

My fetish mainly red lips, stockings, nylon legs and a deep throat. I like your deep throat videos. Your video *Love, Sex and Your Gorgeous Woman is just great, it would look even better if you were wearing red lipstick and black nylons))) But I understand this is your choice. I love the way you drool and your clothes get wet. I have all the videos with deep blowjob. They are amazing, your skills are getting better with every clip.
I have an idea for a clip. Therefore, I am writing to you about the customs clip. I have photos of examples of positions that I want to see in the clip, if this is not possible just write to me and we will find some others.

You wear black nylon stockings with garters, black lingerie, black high heels, a short office skirt and your satin blouse as in the 455 Passion clip.
Your makeup is natural tones, not so black.
You can wear any red lipstick that you like.
Your hair a high ponytail as in 534 Fever clip.

You look great, you finish your makeup and go into the bedroom. Your hubby appears in the frame, you unbutton his pants and you tease the camera (me), you can say something if you want, but this is not needful. At this moment I want to see your face close. You begin to give him a deep throat, slowly letting his cock into your throat, letting out your drooling strings.
Throughout the clip, you can only remove the skirt while leaving the top on. You can show your cleavage, tease me with your nylon legs, your red hot lips, your beautiful breasts, and ass. I like the way you tease, it is very sensual and perfect.
You do poses like in the photo, and give him a deep blowjob, slowly letting the cock deep in your throat and releasing your drooling strings.
When he finishes, you sit on a low chair or sofa, he will cum to your red lips (real cumshoot), also if you can use please a fake cum additionally.

Thank you for your time.


Wow! This is awesome! When I bought the clip I could not wait until the evening and watch the video in my office. I am absolutely delighted, you so enjoyed giving a deep throat to your husband, to hear how you breathe and to see how you enjoy it, I really envy him. You undoubtedly know how to tease any man. Your lips and eyes are gorgeous! You look very beautiful in black lingerie and nylons stockings, oh how you let the strings of saliva is amazing, liked to re-watch it. I love the close ups of deepthroat and your look right into the camera. Very sensual and hot clip!

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Size: 2.12 GB
Duration: 00:28:05
Video: 3840×2160