Angel The Dreamgirl – 445 Revived Muse HD 1080p

I would like to see a statue-comes-to-life fantasy. You would start the video frozen as a golden statue, covered in gold body paint from head to toe. The sculptor is putting his last finishes to you. Then, while he naps nearby you come to life and proceed to give him a blow job to thank him for creating you. He awakens, surprised, but in love with him golden creation. He fucks you then returns to rest. He awakens later and you are back in your frozen form as a statue. He wonders if it was all just a dream… The script can be improvised around this:

1) You are standing posed as a golden statue and the sculptor puts his finishing touches on you. He stands back and nods his head, very satisfied by his beautiful work.

2) The sculptor is tired from all his work and goes to lie down on a sofa to rest and take a nap.

3) When he falls resting, you come to life, look around you, enjoying the feeling of being alive. You move stiffly at first but then become more human as you move. You discover your pussy and masturbate until you come.

4) You see the sculptor lying nearby and go to thank him for creating you by giving him a blow job. As you do this he wakes up of course, amazed at what he is seeing.

5) He fucks you in several positions including cowgirl, doggie and standing.

6) After he has cum he goes to lie down again and you return to your statue pose.

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Duration: 00:18:57
Video: 1920×1080