Angel The Dreamgirl – 434 The Dancing Lady HD 1080p

She wears white opaque pantyhose, a white T-shirt or bodysuit, ballet socks and a skirt from your clip “The Seamless Pleasure III”

The clip begins, you show something similar to the example clip that I send you. You can come up with something your own, it’s not critical, the main thing is to be soft and smoothly moving, without sharp movements. You flutter like a butterfly, you spin in dance, your skirt rises, so we can see the view under your skirt. You can do various sexual poses all that comes to your mind. You take off your skirt and stay in pantyhose, t-shirt and ballet socks. Your hair is gathered up.

Your boyfriend comes home from work and see how you move on the bed in a sexual position. He has an erection, he comes to you and touch your ass. You smile, you know that he likes opaque tights. You lie down or sit down on bed in a comfortable position for you and give him a loving blow job. You change pose according to the photos I send you, if you could repeat the poses as in the photo, I would be happy to see it in the video.

After that you do sex scene where your guy fuck you in the following positions. I want to see the angle from different cameras, close and full view. In the last scene you give him a foot job (now you wear only opaque pantyhose) and he cum on your legs in white opaque pantyhose.

The end.

Size: 1.91 GB
Duration: 00:16:55
Video: 1920×1080