Angel The Dreamgirl – 374 My Own Real Doll: completely used and exposed HD 1080p

This will be a doll/mannequin video in the same manner of those already in your store. At the start it will be the “delivery” of the doll- I don’t know if you can easily get a cardboard box or some packing material of some description, but some form of “unpacking” would be great at the start. Your partner unpacks you, stands you up, start to pose you (including using the turntable). At first the poses are quite innocent, moving your arms, sitting you down, standing you on the turntable etc Then he has you standing but leaning forward, and make you hold your skirt up/out behind you so that your underwear is visible.

He then stands you upright and adjusts the top of your dress so that your boobs are visible, and makes you hold/squeeze them while he turns you on the turntable. He then moves you around, posing you in dirty ways and fucking your mouth until you end up on the sofa, where he removes your knickers (if we could remove them gradually that would be great; slide them down them to your knees, pose/fuck you a bit, then remove them completely) and begins to fuck you. A few different poses etc while he fucks you until he is ready to cum, then he removes your dress and puts you on the sofa and cums in your mouth and on your face (possible to get an extra large fake cumshot so you are totally plastered?)

He puts your knickers back on and stand you on the turntable, spinning you round slowly as cum drips from your face. He replaces the dress, poses/turns you a little, then pulls the top down so your tits are out, leans you forward with your dress/skirt held up, and slides your knickers down your thighs a little so your ass/pussy are not covered; we end the film with a few shots of you covered in cum, completely used and exposed.

Size: 574.17 MB
Duration: 00:32:11
Video: 1920×1080