Angel The Dreamgirl – 304 A couple on the first date HD 1080p

I am interested in getting a quote for a custom order about a couple on first date. I am very interested in the contrast of how the woman looks before and after they have sex and want to emphasise the difference. At the beginning she is well dressed and beautifully made up, but afterwards her clothes are disheveled and her hair & make-up are a shambles.

The broad story line is a well-dressed couple returning from night out. She is very well dressed and beautifully made up, wearing a formal dress, a jacket and high heels. The premise is that there will be slow consensual sex, but she is reluctant at first and has to be seduced. In the process, her beautiful clothes are disheveled or removed, her perfect lipstick is smeared, her eyeliner runs and her makeup melts as she progressively becomes more and more immersed. By the time that they are finished her discarded heels and dress are lying crumpled on the floor. Her hair is a mess, her makeup is ruined and her lingerie – half on and half off. When he she stands up to see him out, she is a naked mess. I would like this to be as great a contrast to beautiful well-dressed way that she started as is possible.

I would also like to buy and send you the lingerie for the set. They will be new clothes and I don’t need them back.

Additional scrip detail

· You both come in and sit on the couch.
· Maybe your boyfriend begins by kissing your neck and nuzzling your ears.You do not want your earrings to be damaged and after a while you take them out.
· He might go back to kissing your neck and ears, but now he starts to touch your breasts through your dress. It feels nice and you kiss him on the lips.
· There could be some close up shots of this gentle kissing and his hand that continues to massage your breasts over the material of your dress
· He reaches behind you and draws you closer.
· You are getting more into it and might close your eyes, savouring the kiss – but maybe your eyes snap open when you realise that he has undone the dress fastening behind your neck.
· You might break the kiss and pull away – but just a little – you have been enjoying his kisses and soon he is kissing you again, while he continues to massage your tits, working the now unsupported top down until you are topless.
· Now he is playing with your naked breasts. There could be close-ups of his fingers teasing your nipples – making them hard.
· You go back to kissing him and he drops his hand to your waist. He runs hand over the dress, feeling the hard elastic top of your tights and the line of your panties beneath.
· He begins to work the dress off and you give-in to his groping – lifting up a little so that he can slide dress under your body, then down your legs and off. You let it gather at your ankles.

This could be about half way – everything could speed up from here.

· You are now topless, but still wearing your high heels, tan tights and black panties beneath.
· He might get off the couch, kneeling to lift your feet out of the dress and so he can unfasten and take off your heels. He leaves your shoes scattered on top of the crumpled dress at your feet.
· He sits beside you again and you resume kissing.
· He begins to run his hands up and down your legs, Of course, you are determined to keep your legs together, but he is touching you over your tights and panties -. And it feels good! (This could be a close up …)
· In fact, -it feels so good that you almost involuntarily part your knees – just a little at first, but more and more as he works a finger down and begins to caress you between your legs. He works two fingers in and you open some more, etc. Eventually you open enough to give him complete access and he is able to touch you anywhere over and between your legs.
· He kneels again, this time to take down your tights and panties. You lift up again, helping him get them off and he draws everything down to your knees, but only takes them off on just one leg.
· You are now effectively naked but your tights and panties are half on half off.
· You abandon yourselves to making love and as he takes you he messes your hair, your lipstick and your make up. You become completely involved, giving back everything until you finish – completely spent and splayed exhausted on the couch.
· He gets up and as he rises he gently removes the rest of your clothes, sliding the tights and panties down and over your foot. He drops your tights onto the dress and shoes, but keeps hold of your panties!

The final shot could be of you standing naked and dishevelled in the back ground as he leaves with your panties, which are visible hanging from his pocket, or still held in his hand.

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