Zoey Holloway – Valentines Day Satin and Sex HD 1080p

From: Zoey Holloway’s Fetish Flix

It’s that time of year again for lovers. You are so special for me I wanted to look exceptionally beautiful for you tonight. Do you approve of this satin outfit? I also bought new perfume, would you like to have a little inhale? Come close and smell right here behind my earing. Oh honey, you are already getting an erection. You must be as horny as I. Let me stroke you softly. Oh yes, you even have pre-cum for me. Lightly lick my collar bone and nibble, I love it when you do that to me. Let me spread that pre-cum around your tip so you can ease yourself into my hungry pussy. Oh yes, make slow love to me until I cum. Slide yourself in all the way to the top. Ah, that feels so damn good. I can’t believe you made me cum so fast! Put your mouth down there on my mound and lick my pussy clean. Get it nice and wet so I can mount you and use your throbbing cock to make myself cum again. You are so rock hard I can barely take all of you inside. Oh, you feel so good! I’m going to turn around and bend over now so you can see my ass that you love so much. When you are ready to cum will you please pull out and unload it on my ass? I can hardly wait to taste your gift for me. Oh yes, yes, cum for me lover! Mmmm, you taste as sweet as I knew you would. I feel so good right now, do you? I hope you liked your sex surprise as much as I did. Happy Valentines Day.

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