Xev Bellringer – You Will Cum Whether You Like It Or Not

You can only blame yourself for the position you’re in now. If only you’d pay a little more attention to me instead of your oh so pretty, perfect little wife. Maybe then I wouldn’t have to slip something into your drink at the party. It’s only because you ignored me that you’re completely immobile now. But isn’t it better this way? We’re finally alone together… just us… exactly how it should be. Without her.

It’s the only way I could ween you from her. To show you how good I can be… how good I can make you feel. Even if you have no choice this first time, it’ll only take once. I’ll make you want me the way I’ve always wanted you. And don’t think that just because you say you don’t like it that you’re somehow remaining faithful to her. I know how to prove you wrong… and it’s right between your legs.

You can’t resist… it feels good doesn’t it, when I grind against your cock like this. I know what you need, and it’s not that petite, barbie wife. You crave a real woman… A curvy, soft, full bodied female on top. My big, heavy breasts filling your hands… Here, let me help you. Ohhhh, see?? A cock doesn’t lie.

We better tend to that before someone walks in. Someone like your wife. You’ll just have to trust me, I know what you need… and it’s my mouth swallowing your cock. When you look at my red lips all you can think about is burying yourself between them and blowing your thick, sticky load into my throat. Say it out loud. You want to cum in my mouth… and that you’ve always wanted to. Say it! Otherwise I may just tell your dear, little wifey what happened here today…

Fantasy includes: homewrecker, blowjob, male orgasm, coercion, sensual domination, blackmail, seduction, cock grinding, virtual breast groping, cum swallowing, pov

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Duration: 00:30:41
Video: 960×540