Xev Bellringer – Step-Mommy Caught You Spying HD 1080p

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I saw you peeping on your step-father and I just now, you are so lucky he didn’t catch you looking. Tell me the truth; this isn’t the first time is it? No, every time your step-father and I make love, I hear the floorboards squeaking outside of our room. Do you stroke yourself thinking about it? Thinking about having sex with Step-Mommy? Its not healthy to fantasize about that sweetie, but I cant say I blame you. Every night, you have to listen to Step-Mommy moan and cum the headboard banging against your wall.

You are such a naughty boy. No, I want to help sweetie! Its not fair that Step-Mommy and Step-Daddy get to kiss, lick, suck, and have fun while my poor boy is stuck alone in his room on a school night. Here sweetie, let Step-Mommy touch it don’t be nervous, I want to take care of you. Imagine it is just you and me totally alone, and you could do anything you wanted with Step-Mommy. Would you want to feel my body? Squeeze my breasts? Touch Step-Mommy’s pussy? I love that my own step-son is so horny for me, it makes me wet sweetie.

Sometimes I imagine feeling you inside of me instead of your step-father when he and I are having sex. I know you imagine the same thing honey, boys your age only think about sex. Step-Mommy wants to grind on your hard cock, sweetie. Oh that’s amazing. I cant handle it, Step-Mommy needs to feel you inside now!

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