Xev Bellringer – Obsessed With The Hostess’s Big Ass HD 720p

Xev’s juicy ass is inches from your face as you lift her up onto the counter to reach some dishes. Her tight little cocktail dress is hitched up just high enough for you to notice she’s not wearing any panties. Being this close to her smooth pussy was almost too much, you feel yourself getting hard almost instantly. She is so wrapped up in the party preparations that she doesn’t even notice how exposed she is… and that you’re staring.

When you agreed to show up early to help the hostess with food prep, you didn’t realize she’d be running around in such a skimpy dress… bending over repeatedly to reveal her round booty and plump, bare pussy. How were you supposed to focus with distractions like that? You couldn’t take your eyes off her curvy body bouncing around the kitchen in a hurry long enough to get any prep work done.

By the time she came over to check on your progress, you couldn’t take it anymore and groped her big tits. Xev wasn’t shocked for long… and smiled. She knew you had to get it out of your system, before the guests arrived. The hostess bent over and beckoned you closer. Her juicy ass was begging to be manhandled, to have a hard cock rubbing up between those buns. But she needed relief too… her pussy was far too wet to neglect. So you pushed the hostess against the counter, lifted her leg up and thrust your aching manhood deep into her.

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