Xev Bellringer – Nymphomaniac’s Submission HD 720p

Xev will make the perfect little office slut for you. You’ve never seen a woman with such unique needs… such powerful sexual urges, completely out of her control. The way she wiggles sensually at her desk, panting, so desperate for relief. The bathroom is the only place that can offer her climatic release… until now. You know she’s using company time to masturbate… dozens of orgasms a day. You can’t allow that.

You’d squeeze a confession out of her in the privacy of your office, watch her squirm in embarrassment… while yet another inevitable orgasm builds in her hot, eager little pussy. Why else would you choose a stool for her to sit her beautiful round ass on? So much pressure rubbing against her wet cunt, she flushes in pleasure and shame, and tries to stand up.

But you remind Xev she doesn’t have your permission to stand… nor your permission to cum. Her struggle turns you on beyond belief. Especially when you alert her to the fact that her pussy juices have stained your stool. What kind of a slut doesn’t wear panties to work in such a short skirt? No matter, you’ll have Xev clean it up… with her tongue.

Stunned but compliant, she obediently licks the surface clean of her juices. Meanwhile, you snatch her wrists up behind her back and secure them in cuffs. This was the turning point, you were going to make this slut completely yours… She owed you everything from here on out. Her gratitude, her servitude, and most of all… her holes.

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