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This woman was relentless. Driven. A mature, horny housewife desperate for your young cock. You could barely register her words as she flashed her pantyless pussy under that unbelievably short skirt on the couch or arched her back to accentuate her full bosom on the kitchen counter. With each passing, heavily flirtatious moment, you got the distinct feeling that she didn’t invite you in just for a tour of the house.

As the two of you moved from room to room, the conversation steadily grew more and more sexually charged. She was testing you, pushing your limits, watching your reactions… Gauging how eager you were. You’d find yourself pressed against her ass after she ‘accidentally’ backed up into you while unloading the laundry. Her buns rubbing your crotch from side to side, stimulating an already growing hard-on. This incessant teasing fed your hunger for her body, to use this MILF the way she clearly needed.

Her voice, her lips, her seductive smile drew you in with each provocative comment… she counted on your youthful, uncontrollable lust to render you more susceptible to her disarming charms. And she was right. She knew exactly what she was doing. Especially when you found her sex toys sprawled out across the bed in plain sight. Her feigned embarrassment, confessions of how frequently that little vibrator found its way between her sensitive, pink pussy lips – it was all her plan.

She pressed a button, the device hummed to life, and disappeared between her legs. Her body relaxed as gasps and moans escaped her lips. This was your chance… your invitation to pull your already stiff cock out of your pants. It felt so good, to touch yourself, to watch this MILF have an explosive orgasm. And before you knew it, she was on her knees burying your excited manhood in her mouth. You needed more, you needed to finally use her… so you pushed the back of her head down hard on your shaft. Her throat was tightening around your cock with each thrust. You loved it, but needed to take even more from her. This is what she gets for teasing you with her ass, her plump pussy. She was going to take you… in ALL of her holes.

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