Xev Bellringer – My Instructor Took Advantage Of Me HD 720p

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Your new acting student is petrified of being naked in front of an audience and needs your help. You maintain that her conservative wardrobe is effecting her psychologically and insist she remove some of it in front of you to loosen up. To make things easier for her, you too take off some clothing. Xev is very uncomfortable with the exercise, but nervously proceeds to strip down to just her bra and panties. She sees your stiffening manhood, but you insist on continuing until the both of you are totally naked. Trying to hide her nakedness, Xev keeps one arm across her soft breasts and the other down in front of her hairless pussy. You order her to drop her arms down as you begin to stroke your hard cock. Grateful for her gullibility, you instruct her to kneel down, open her mouth and close her eyes. Your cock finds its way into her warm mouth briefly, but it is enough to make you erupt with cum all over her pretty, stunned face. Fantasy: fake cumshot, compelled stripping, dildo in mouth

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