Xev Bellringer – Mermaids: The Last Seaman HD 1080p

Waves wash up over your battered, exhausted body on the shore. You remember a terrible storm… wind… rain… the angry ocean waters swallowing your men into its depths. But somehow you made it… made it where? Some… uncharted island. You couldn’t be the only one. It’s your duty to recover your crew. You are their captain… you must gather your strength…

Cold hands gently press up against your chest. You wake to discover a beautiful woman fawning all over you, elated to find you alive. She breathes excitedly, and suddenly you are overcome by an, numbing sensation. Her skin glistens with an otherworldly glow… and you notice… scales. A mermaid. Her smooth, fishy tail flaps as she lays down across your crotch. You knew of the legends. Her bare, full breasts drape over your legs as she eagerly slips your cock out of your pants. You must resist. The mermaid playfully teases it, licks it, encases it in her wet mouth. There is no use, she has total control. Over you. Your hard cock. And your crew… she found them… and she used them. Just as she’ll use you. For your hot, potent CUM. To swallow down… and fertilize her mermaid womb.

Fantasy includes: mermaid, blowjob, cum in mouth, impregnation, desperation, sensual domination, pov

Size: 1.50 GB
Duration: 00:21:19
Video: 1920×1080