Xev Bellringer – Cum Addicted Nurse HD 1080p

Oh, hello Doctor! I didn’t… see you standing there, let me just pull my skirt down and… sorry, I thought everyone had left for the day. Oh yes, my notes. Um, it looks like I had about 30 sperm donors today. Is that a lot?? Oh, I… I don’t do anything different from what we were trained to do… really. Just make sure he’s comfortable, show him the office’s library of porn and… Well, I do check in on them after a minute or so. To see if they need anything.

And if they do, well I just pop open my blouse and let them look at my breasts until they cum. That’s all, I promise! The semen samples? Um… I can’t seem to remember – you know, I may have misplaced those. I AM telling the truth, Doctor! My breath smells like… cum?? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I…

Oh Doctor, please don’t fire me! I didn’t mean to swallow every semen sample I collected today, it’s just… I couldn’t help it! I lost control! Seeing all of those hard cocks… my mouth starts watering and then I can’t stop thinking about them thrusting, pumping cum deep into my throat. I’ve been going to a sex addiction program for my condition, I just fell off the wagon today. I promise it won’t ever happen again!

You want to know… everything?? The last donor, he was so… so – OH I couldn’t resist! As soon as I saw him stroking his big cock, I just fell to my knees and shoved him into my mouth! He grabbed my hair and kept pumping deeper and harder until his seed filled me. Doctor, are… are you HARD?? You… you don’t want me to stop. Oh Doctor, let me just– MMPPPHHH!! I’m never… mmmph, satisfied–mmmph! Cum in my mouth and I’ll tell you everything!!

Fantasy includes: nurse/doctor, blowjob, pov

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