Xev Bellringer – Boss’s Pool Party HD 1080p

You bring me to a conference as your assistant and ask me to attend a pool party with important clients. You tell me to get changed into a bikini and, as a married woman, I am reluctant about showing up at an event in such a skimpy outfit. You insist. I give in and let you know I’ll meet you downstairs after I change, but instead you watch me get undressed through a crack in the door. I come out in a robe and you ask me to show you the bikini for approval. I am hesitant as we are alone in a hotel room, but you urge me to expose myself and walk about the room. The bathing suit does not meet your standards so you toss me an alternative micro bikini.

I am extremely embarrassed by the prospect of wearing such a tiny bathing suit and try to refuse, but I eventually give in. Once again, you secretly watch me as I try to fit into the minuscule bikini. I return to the front room with my robe on and you ask me to model the new bathing suit for you. I find this outrageously inappropriate, but have no other choice and comply, struggling to keep myself contained in the small bikini. I notice you have a raging hard on and grab my robe to cover up, but you threaten to fire me if I don’t strip all the way down right in front of you. You reach down and start stroking in front of me as I reluctantly show off my nude body. Suddenly, you shove me down on my knees and make me take a huge load of cum all over the front of my body., I stand up and run out of the room.

Fantasy includes: stripping, voyeur, bikini, boss/employee, embarrassed naked female, strip tease

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