Xev Bellringer – Amazon Lesbian Virus HD 720p

Good afternoon Linda, we are reporting live from the government building where they are voting on a marriage equality bill. The rally outside aims to stop the bill from passing as they do not agree with homosexuality displayed in public. We were supposed to be reporting with the crowd, however we noticed symptoms of the highly contagious amazon lesbian virus beginning to emerge so the crew and I sought refuge in the building.

We first noticed it with speakers at the podium. Both the man and woman lost focus and went silent for a few moments and when they came to, they spoke in very dirty, sexual language about women. Their hair started growing longer, they stripped each other entirely of their clothes and even began to…grow taller and curvier. By that time, we were already inside to evade the virus, but the crowd began to turn as well.

I don’t believe……….wha-what? Oh….sorry Linda, yes these lesbian women, they’re running around naked now…their glistening, curvy bodies rubbing against one another. So sexy…so voluptuous and strong. I…I’m getting so hot, I need these women touching me now! Yes, grab her around her slim waist and squeeze her round ass! Yes fuck her!

I can feel myself growing taller, becoming curvier. I need these beautiful, erotic amazon women to rub their breasts in my face and to grope mine! I need to cum, I can’t take it!

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