Vivian Cox – Spencer’s Ultimate Stepmom Fantasy POV HD 720p (2022)

From: Mister Cox Productions

You and your wife come home after a dinner at your Stepmom’s house. During the dinner your wife had noticed you checking out your Stepmom’s hard nipples and checking out your Stepmom’s big round ass when she was bent over the stove. “You were COMPLETELY checking out her ass!” your wife says. “I have an idea… Why don’t I roleplay!!” she says as she begins to get down on her knees to suck your cock. She begins sucking your cock and balls just like you imagined Stepmom would “You like all that sweetheart?” she asks with your big cock swinging in her face. “Don’t worry, Stepmom will take care of you!” she says. She invites you to fuck her face as she takes as much of your cock as she possibly can, gagging a bit while pulling off saying “Spencer don’t gag me… Stepmom’s mouth is not very big!”. “I’m ready to fuck! I wanna ride that big cock Spencer!!” she says inviting you to lay on the bed as she climbs on top of your cock. She rides your big hard cock, horny as fuck from the roleplay, until she cums for the first time! “Oooooh, you make me cum!” she says. She turns around to ride you reverse while you spank her ass. Don’t cum yet though… “I want us to cum together…. I want to see your face when you cum!” she says. She turns back around riding you forwards again until she cums a second time! Feeling her pussy pulsing on your big hard cock makes you cum too!! She quickly jumps off your cock as it starts to cum, grabbing a hold of it and licking your sweet cum off the tip saying “Good job! Such a good boy!!”. She swipes some more cum off of your stomach with her finger and licks it. “Spencer…. I know I’m your wife and we can do something like that again I think… If you want to though! Did you enjoy it? I did, I enjoyed playing your Stepmom!”. She blows you a kiss goodnight. This Stepmom roleplay video is filmed entirely in POV / point of view with lots of dirty talk from Stepmom with awaited responses.

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Duration: 00:17:06
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