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I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t been the easiest daughter to my step-mom. The thing is, I’m not a bad girl. I didn’t realize why I was acting out until I got older. The patterns started becoming more clear. I act out, my step-mom chases me down and spanks me, and later on I lay in bed, pull down my panties and imagine her punishing me. I like the punishment, the way my ass stings after she hits me. I like feeling vulnerable to her, and I like the passion I feel when she holds me down and pulls off my skirt. God knows, I’m getting wet confessing all of this to you. I have kept this all a deep secret until mom made me see Dr. Pax. I confessed it all to the doctor and I was surprised that she wasn’t grossed out by me, my thoughts, and what I have done with my step-mom’s used panties and photos from the family-photo album. We have decided to tell my step-mom. Once my dirty little secret is out in the open she will accept me, make my fantasies reality, or tell me to stop. If you think about it 50/50 odds are a really good bet, it’s better than you’d get at the casinos. I’ll take the bet, and with the help of Dr. Pax, maybe we can get my step-mommy to pull down my panties and spank my ass, my little pink pussy, until I’m begging for her to kiss it better.

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