Tara Tainton – Teasing Sexy Witch Lures You to Your Imminent Death

There is a sexy, devious witch with unmatched seductive powers. And she’s on a killing rampage. YOU are the world’s last hope. You’re the one, the only one, sent to stop this evil witch and end her ruthless spree of destruction. You have no choice but to confront her in hopes of ending this horror once and for all.

Taking all precautions known to you, you’ve encircled yourself with a magic ring of protection. The witch herself cannot enter the ring, nor can her deadly magic penetrate. You’re waiting for the confrontation you know must happen. And the most enticing, suspiciously sweet, and devious witch known to the world… not to mention her unbelievably inviting breasts… are about to burst through the door and be face to face with you.

Be prepared. The witch is going to try to draw you out of the magic ring, your last line of defense. Will your fear be transformed into mere lust? This seductress already knows how the moment will end…

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