Tammie Madison – Virgin Younger Step-Sister Takes Advantage of You HD 1080p

Finally, you are 21! Congratulations! Now you get to enjoy yourself. No longer a boy, you are a man now. Your younger step-sister, Tammie, wants to celebrate with you. She has saved up her money, flirted with a random guy outside of the gas station, and has managed to get her hands on a six pack. So sit back and relax as Tammie hands you after . It is time to party with your younger step-sister.

It is your first time drinking , or rather, it is your first time drinking legally. What better way to celebrate your Birthday than with Tammie, your cute little step-sister; after all, she has gone out of her way to score you a six pack. How much can you take? What is your tolerance to alcohol? Do you know? How quickly will you get Silly? At what point will you become incapacitated?

As Tammie hands you drink after drink, you begin to lose control. Your body begins to feel numb and you become less sure of what you are doing. Lucky for you that your with your younger step-sister. What could go wrong?

Tammie has plans for you, her big step-brother. She has longed after you for a while, but she has kept her feelings to herself. She wants to give you a very special Birthday treat, her virginity. She is unsure whether you feel the same, so she has slipped a little something special in to your . The magic blue pill will make sure that your body is game to play, even if your senses are not quite with you.

Tammie begins to deepthroat your cock. She sucks your balls as she tells you her plan. She is going to get you hard and climb on top of you. She wants to ride you until you cum inside of her. She figures it is impossible to get pregnant your first time, that is how it works right? Also, you cannot get pregnant from your step-brother right? That is impossible, surely? Tammie rides your stiff cock and you are not quite sure what is happening. Is this a dream? Is this really happening? What will happen when you sober up? Will you remember what happened on the night of your twenty-first?

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