Penny Barber – My Son is a Vampire! First Night HD 720p

What do a string of vicious attacks in a small town have to do with a lonely, busty single mom and her deadbeat, well-hung son? Plenty.

You can’t tell your mom why you’ve been so lazy lately, missing both class and work to nap on the couch all day. You’re not sure how long you can resist her. She looks absolutely delicious.

THE FIRST NIGHT – Claiming your mother with your huge cock.

The hunger you feel becomes unbearable and you sneak into her bedroom. Seeing red, you pounce. Euphoria washes over both of you as you feed. Finally, your mother sees you for what you truly are: a vampire, and her undeniable Master. Now that she’s slaked your thirst, you can use her curvaceous body to satisfy your more prurient appetites. You bend her over so that her juicy ass jiggles as you slide your monster cock deep into her wet pussy. You know that she craves this intense pounding from your engorged, vampire cock. She screams in pleasure as you come deep inside of her, claiming her as your familiar.

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