Mindi Mink

Mindi Mink – Black Leather Seduction of Stepson HD 1080p

You’ve just come home from school and I’m so excited to see you. As I’m trying to figure out what dress to wear you tell me that you’ve got me a gift. First in this giant bag is a pair of super sexy high heels. I don’t know if I could walk in them, but I’m so flattered. As I keep pulling things out of the bag I find that you’ve bought me a sexy leather outfit that…honestly isn’t really something a stepson should be buying his stepmom? But ok, I’ll try it on for you.

No peeking while I try it on! I feel like a complete diva dressed up like this…It’s totally not like anything I’ve ever worn before. I just don’t know how my husband will feel about this? You keep telling me how hot and sexy I look and I’m not really getting the hint. When you finally tell me that I’m making you hard I start to understand why you bought me this outfit. I’m a bit nervous and awkward right now. But I can’t help but looking at the bulge in your pants and seeing how aroused you are.

I don’t think I should touch your cock, stepson, but I do want to. My body is reacting in a very unexpected way, so I touch your cock and am so overwhelmed. I slowly open up my new outfit and show you a bit more cleavage while you stroke yourself. I need to sit down, it’s turning me on so much. I can’t help but touch my big tits while you stroke yourself to me. I do like that you’re so hard for me.

When you tell me you want to taste me I’m happy to take my pants off and open my legs to reveal my hairy pussy. You like my bush, don’t you? This is so wrong…but it’s going to feel so good when you put your mouth on my pussy. You’re going to make me feel so good when you get on top of me and thrust your big cock inside of me. Don’t cum in me…cum on my pussy hair. I want to see that cum on my fluffy bush!

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Mindi Mink Sex Tape with a REAL COCK HD 1080p

Want to see me work a REAL cock? Want to see me suck it, fuck it, and let it creampie my hairy pussy? Of course you do! I’ll begin by teasing you in a beautiful red outfit, telling you how I’ve been growing my pussy hair into a nice soft mink for you. I’ll touch myself through my panties, and tell you how I can feel my clit through my panties. I’ll put my big tits in your face, and pinch my hard nipples when I take them out of my bra. You like seeing my pretty bush through my panties? You like seeing me grab it for you? I want to see how hard you are. Take your cock out and let me see. Then I’ll take my panties off and let you see my pussy. You like a pussy with hair on the lips don’t you? You want to lick it for me? You want to lick my asshole too? Well let me sit on your face so you can service me. I’ll bend down and stroke and suck your cock while you lick me. And after you make me cum with your mouth I’m going to sit on your cock and bounce my big ass on it until you blow your big load inside me!

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Mindi Mink – Stepmom Mindi lets you watch her Shower HD 1080p

Stepmom Mindi has caught you watching her in the shower while you wank yourself. She scolds you and tells you how naughty and wrong it is. But she sees that you’ve gotten all worked up and timidly accepts your compliments. So this one time only she’ll let you watch her lather up her beautiful body while you stroke that big cock of yours. Even though it’s super naughty to watch you masturbate, your stepmom admits it’s hard not to watch. She can’t help but start touching herself as well. As long as you promise never to tell your friends about what’s going on, your stepmom will help you cum. She’ll stroke your cock for you and suck you to help you orgasm a bit faster. Sucking your cock makes her hornier, so horny that she wants you inside of her. Mindi got so wet while she gave you a blow job. Maybe you want to taste your stepmom? Her big beautiful bush in your face is such a lovely view. She’ll guide you how to eat her pussy so it feels perfect for her. But Mindi wants to cum with you inside of her, so she’ll lie you down while she gets on top of you. She’ll start nice and slow so she can feel every inch of you. And as it feels better she’ll go faster until she’s begging you to blow your big load inside of your stepmom.

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Mindi Mink – Step-Brother Jerks Off With My Panties HD 1080p

Mindi walks in to her bedroom to find her stepbrother waiting for her in her room. She has returned from the lingerie store with a bag of panties. She asks him if he would like to see her new panties. But before he gets to see the new ones, he gets to use the ones that she is wearing to wrap around his cock and jerk off. She takes off her panties to show how wet they are… she decides to stuff the panties in her pussy to get more of her juices on them. She encourages him to start stroking his hard cock. She tries on the first pair of silky panties and tells him how good they feel on her skin. The next pair she tries on are purple with lace… she teases him by touching her clit on the outside of the panties. She now tries on the next pair, black and silky… she pulls them up through her pussy lips and tugs extra hard on them. She pulls the black ones off and has him sniff them as he jerks his cock. The last pair are lacy pink. She encourages him to stroke his cock faster and faster. She starts to count him down from ten… when she reaches one, he explodes a big load of cum and makes quite the mess.


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Mindi Mink – StepMom Feeds You Milk HD 1080p

Do you like the way step-mommy looks in this cute little lingerie? You can see the cleavage of my big boobs, and it’s gotten you all excited. I know you love step-mom’s milk. I’m ready to feed it to you. So let me pull out my big, full tits out so you can put your mouth on it. Suck on my nipples and get all of that sweet nectar. I love the way you suck my tits. I can see that you’ve enjoyed it too. So let me make you feel as good as you made me feel. I’ll put my hand on that hard cock of yours and stroke it so you can give step-mommy all your cum!

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Mindi Mink – Stepmom’s Big Boobs Pt 2 HD 1080p

I wish you’d get out of bed when I’ve made plans with you, stepson. I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with you, and realize its because you have a giant boner. Is it because of my big boobs again? I told you, there’s nothing I can do about it; they’re full of milk! My goodness why are you so obsessed with your stepmom’s big boobs? And the only way this is going to happen quickly is if I help you. So I’ll rub your hard cock through the blankets. That’s not enough? Fine, I’ll get on top of you and grind you. But no, I won’t…ok, I guess I’ll take my top off and show you my tits. I can feel your throbbing cock through the blankets. This is so wrong, but it feels good. You know what…I need some relief too. So why don’t you suck on my big tits, suck some of the milk out and relieve some pressure. And I think sucking on my tits will make you cum faster.

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Mindi Mink – Do You Like Mommys Pussy Hair? HD 1080p

Mindi comes into her room to find her step-son hanging out, she tells him she just got out of the shower. She has a question for him: should she shave the hair off her her pussy lips? She has always had hair on top of her pussy, but Mindi is nervous as to what he will think about the hair on her pussy lips. She opens her robe to show him her beautiful pussy, she strokes her soft pussy hair. She asks his opinion but first gives him another view… from behind. She touches her asshole and pussy and asks him if he would still take care of her? He says yes and starts to lick her asshole but just for a moment as she has to get dressed to go out. But later tonight they will continue…


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Mindi Mink, Krissy Lynn – Krissys Best Friends Step-Mom Mindi HD 1080p

Krissy Lynn comes to visit her best friend Stacy, but only her Step-Mom Mindi is home. Krissy was mistaken about the dates when her friend would be there, so they chit chat for awhile and Mindi says please stay and have dinner with me so you can wait for the traffic to down. Mindi asks Krissy about how is school going and Krissy tells her that she loves her psychology class and how they are studding and finds it fascinating. Since they are so comfortable with each other Krissy starts to caress Mindis tired legs and feet with her pantyhose still on.

Krissy starts to put Mindi under mind control…..and she doesn’t even realize it. Mindi isn’t sure if its a good idea for Krissy to continue to sensually rubbing her feet, but can’t seem to stop her. Mindi closes her eyes to enjoy everything and then Krissy starts to kiss her feet and seduce Mindi with all types of compliments while stroking her long brown hair. They are face to face sensually looking at each other and Mindi gives Krissy a kiss. They continue to kiss passionately and caress and massage each others legs and feet. Mindi announces after some time, that it is time to make dinner and excuses herself to go change out of her work clothes.

Krissy goes to her room and watches her take off her dress and bra but leaves on her pantyhose…..Krissy comes over to her with her bra off and just pantyhose on too and they continue to make out passionately. They both worship each others big boobs, soft silky legs, feet and sucking on each others toes. They start to rub their feet on each others pussies and masturbate each other off until they cum.

There is a wonderful twist to the story at the end…..you won’t want to miss.

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Mindi Mink – Mindi Seduces the Neighbor Boy HD 1080p

My husband’s gone for the day and this means I get to have some sexy naughty fun with my favorite neighbor boy. I picked out a nice dress just for him that shows off my cleavage just right. I’m looking forward to teasing him with my hot MILF body, then letting him taste my wet hairy pussy. And while I’m riding him I want him to put a finger in my ass to really make me cum hard!

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