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You weren’t surprised when she didn’t show up for your birthday dinner. Of course, you figured it would be because she was working late again, not because she got pulled over for speeding. You hold on tight for what you know is going to be a wild story because your wife was always lip-y with cops. She tends to think the rules don’t apply to her. You figured she’d get a huge fine, and maybe get her license revoked for talking back to an officer. And you weren’t wrong, that’s exactly what happened. But you had no idea what she would do to get out of it. You feel your cock ache as she describes exactly what she did. “What could I do baby? He was a cop… I had to to what he wanted.” You feel her dripping wet pussy and wonder, did he really make her? Or was that just her excuse to cheat on you and be a filthy whore. “He made me do it…I couldn’t say no…and then he got on his radio and called for backup”. You happily fuck every detail out of her slutty little mouth. No wonder she didn’t make it home in time for cake. XOXO Meana Wolf

Clip Contains: Your wife talks herself into a whole lot of trouble with the police…and then she fucks her way out of it. Best. Birthday. Ever. **Cuckolding. Confessional. Your wife getting used on the side of the road by 3 cops**

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