Mama Fiona / Fiona Costello – Lets Watch Each Other Cum Mom Son

You are my son and I am sneakily crawling into bed with you, having just finished up with Dad. I first have to give you a bit of a lecture because SOMEBODY gets a little jealous! Babydoll – mom is coming into your room to fool around with you and make you cum… you can’t expect me to not be giving ANY to your dad! Come on! I have to have a bit of a cover up! Besides, it should be enough knowing that THIS, this time with you, is my faaaaavorite part of the night! We kiss a little bit before I jerk and suck you off. Chatting here and there, saying all your favorite mommyson talk. You ask me to masturbate with you, and I am actually very eager. I love doing this with my boy. I know its wrong, but it truly is my favorite part of the night. We keep it pretty quiet – we don’t want Dad to hear… we cum together, watching each other before kissing and cuddling, drifting off. Mom loves her sweet son. It’s okay if Dad doesn’t know about this….

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