Lilian Stone

Lilian Stone – Stepmom Is A Clean Freak – S8:E6 HD 1080p

Lilian Stone likes to keep a clean house, which is difficult with her stepson Jason always making a mess. Jason enjoys making those messes to encourage Lilian to clean up after him. Why? Because Lilian enjoys dressing all sexy as she cleans. She also claims that cleaning up makes her very happy.

When Lilian offers to help Jason clean his room, he isn’t sure what to expect. They work together to make the bed, and then Lilian decides to mess it up again by crawling across the covers and stroking Jason’s hardon. Laying her stepson down, she strokes him off and leans forward to suck the D down.

Lilian climbs on top of Jason to ride him in her juicy cooch in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. That’s just enough to get Jason all warmed up to really pound home into Lilian’s snatch as she lays on her back. Watching them titties jiggle is everything Jason can handle; he pulls out to blow his load on Lilian’s stomach, giving her another mess to clean up.

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Lilian Stone – Turning My Stepmom’s Problem Into My Opportunity FULL HD 1080p


I noticed my Stepmom, Lilian looking really distressed reading a letter. I asked what was wrong and she explained that since my dad passed, there has been a decline in finances. And now things are to the point where she may lose the house. Honestly an apartment is fine for me, i don’t need a mansion, but I know she loves it here. Thats when i got my great idea. I suggested that i step up as man of the house, go get a full time job and put my sports and studies on hold. I also wanted to make sure I would get ‘man of the house’ privileges as well. Lilian double checked to see what I meant by this, so i kind of had to spell it out to her: ‘like when you and my dad where together and you would…’ She got my point and reluctantly agreed, promising to reward me with a little something once i was hired. I was extra motivated at this point; Lilian is one of the hottest women i have seen. I have to exercise a lot of self-control around her, but now is my chance! I went out to apply at a few places, and got an interview on the spot. Then I got the message that I was hired a few hours later! I was extra motivated to make a great impression and it paid off. I called Lilian over to see that i had been hired. She was super excited and i spared no time in reminding her about fulfilling her part of the deal. I think she was kind of hoping that i would forget about that part lol! She came closer and bent over, reaching for my pants, with her big juicy boobs almost falling out of her little dress. I knew that whatever happened next, it was going to be good. She took my cock out of my pants, with a look of surprised admiration, and started to pull on it. I couldn’t believe I was finally getting the attention from my Stepmom that i really wanted. I sat back and enjoyed the view of her working my shaft, and all the sensations that came with it. I loved the way she talked sensual yet dirty to me. She knew just the right time to intensify her stroke, its the best feeling being jacked off by my hot Stepmom, i could feel the cum rallying up as i began to tremble a bit, and Stepmom’s words of encouragement to cum for her sent me all the way over the edge; Lilian seemed pleased with me and told me she will definitely enjoy holding up her part of the bargain, as long as i do my part. Yes, M’aam, Stepmom! I am hoping that today my Stepmom will give me more of the rewards she has been talking about; she better not be stringing me along! As I sipped my juice, i thought about how hard i worked these past couple weeks, and how I had not put any more pressure on about the situation, Today I would finally say something. Lilian came home from work looking more cheerful than usual and she announced that we made our mortgage payment, so finally we are in the clear, for now. I was happy to see this, as its the perfect window to remind her about sticking to the agreement. She was actually pretty quick to start coming out of her clothes, thanking me and letting me know how she has been meaning to do this, and now that the stress is out of the way… She stripped out of her office clothes into her bra and panties, and then knelt down to start with my reward. I am glad I didn’t have to ask her to turn it up for me, she went straight to sucking, making my cock harder, and harder as she slurped it. I thought ‘no wonder my dad was willing to work so hard, Stepmom’s mouth is amazing!’ Then she got up and started teasing out of her bra; i couldn’t wait to see those perfect tits completely bare! My Stepmom knows how to drive a man crazy! She lay down across the dining room chairs, with those big breasts beaming right up and me and took my cock back into her mouth. Lilian is clearly really experienced, and she is definitely impressing me! It felt and looked so good getting blown by my stepmom in this position, and when i told her i was going to cum, she just kept on sucking until she drained my balls completely. I loved the way she looked lying there with my cum dripping from her mouth. Can’t wait for my next reward! This mind-blowing BJ should tide me over til then… I was totally surprised today when i came home from work; My Stepmom was lying seductively on the couch in the hottest red lingerie! She got up and showed me how gorgeous she looked from head to toe, letting me know how eager she was to keep providing me with the motivation i need. Then she got down on her knees and sucked me up really good before lying down on the ottoman, with legs spread, finally welcoming me to have my way with her. Finally my Stepmom dreams are cumming true. I pounded that beautiful pussy as i watched her expressions of delight. Then Lilian got on top, and rode me so good, her experience was even more evident as she skillfully bounced up and down on my cock, those big titties bouncing along with her. When she turned around to bounce her ass on my cock, the view was almost as good. I could feel my cock stretching her tight stepmommy pussy more with every stroke.

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