Lexie More

Housewife Kelly, Lexie More – The Gift Of More (Part 2) HD 1080p

If you like good ole fashion hard fucking, you’ll love this video. At the start of the video, Shawn fucks me really good from behind, and I’m glad I had a good orgasm because once Lexi got his cock in her, she never gave it back! They fucked in missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy-style, and back to missionary! It’s been a while since I’ve watched Shawn fuck another woman. I forgot how much of a turn on it is for me. It stirred up alot of intense feelings and my pussy was soaked by the time they were finished. If Shawn hadn’t just dumped his load all over Lexi’s face, I would’ve made him fuck me again, lol. I was happy to share him though, and Lexi seemed to be pretty happy about it too. Plus, now that I brought home a girl for Shawn, it’s my turn! I get to bring home a guy next time I want to get fucked. Fair is fair! I just love married life! Enjoy! xoxo -Kelly

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Housewife Kelly, Lexie More – The Gift of More HD 1080p

It’s been a hot minute since my husband has had some strange pussy, so I decided to go on the hunt for a hottie that he could sink his cock into! My friend Lexie More, who I have been friends with on social media for quite some time, was more than willing to be my husband’s fuck doll! I presented Lexie to Shawn and he was quite impressed with her….especially when she took off her clothes and he checked out her hot little body. He immediately got hard and I saw the bulge in his jeans right away. I didn’t waste any time unzipping his jeans and unveiling his massive cock! Lexie’s eyes were really wide when she saw it! Lol! She watched intently as I began to suck my husband off, and after a few moments, I offered to share his cock with her. We went back-and-forth on it for awhile. I sucked it, she sucked it, and then we both sucked it at the same time. Hubby made her squirt and ate her pussy too!! I even played with her pussy with her toy! I had fun sucking my hubby’s cock with her but I was really looking forward to watching her fuck him! She has nice little titties, a great ass, and a perfect pussy, so needless to say, this video is very hot!….and part 2 next week will be even hotter! That’s a promise! Enjoy! xoxo -Kelly”

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