Lexi Luna

Lexi Luna, Sophia Locke – Fill the Cup HD 1080p

Hey Sweetie, your step mommy Lexi’s college friend Sophia Locke is in town. They wanted to show you a game they used to play back in college together called, Fill the Cup. Take your pants off and get ready to listen and watch. There are no rules in this game, all motivation is allowed. They start by pulling out their big tits, unveiling their big Milf asses, and playing with their pussies all to help you fill the cup. Explode for mommy and her friend.

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Lexi Luna – Alternative Relaxation HD 1080p

Lexi Luna is busy vacuuming when her stepson Tyler Cruise walks in from another room, looking a little bothered. It turns out that Tyler has a big test coming up and is having trouble studying because of all the noise Lexi is making with her chores. Would it be possible for her to stop cleaning for an hour so that he can keep his focus? Lexi is fully supportive of Tyler’s attitude toward his studies, but she does find that he’s seemed much more stressed of late. He’s such a smart guy- why is he worrying so much about one lousy test? Tyler, however, reminds her that chemistry is his worst subject, so he needs to find SOME kind of way to get his thoughts in order and hone in on the subject matter. And with all the noisy vacuuming she’s doing, he can’t focus on ANYTHING. Lexi puts a gentle hand on Tyler’s shoulder, soothing him a bit. She agrees, once again, that studying is very important… but there’s something else that’s EQUALLY important in college: having FUN. If anything, Tyler should try to let loose a bit so that he feels relaxed enough to study when the time is right. Maybe all he needs right now is a little break from the books and a little time with his fun-loving stepmom… And Lexi has JUST the thing that’s BOUND to release ALL of Tyler’s pent-up stress…

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Lexi Luna – Dirty Maid HD 1080p

Maid Lexi is cleaning the kitchen when she notices that they didn’t even take the time to clean their own dildo. She is feeling so unappreciated that she decides to leave it dirty. With her cum this time. She climbs up on the counter and begins fucking herself with it. Her creamy pussy is all over the dildo. She then takes it over to the fridge and things get really interesting!

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Lexi Luna – Busty MILF gets stuffed with her stepsons BWC HD 1080p (2022)

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Big tits brunette Lexi Luna is a horny MILF that can’t help but crave her stepsons big hard cock. Lexi comes home from work early to find that it is just the two of them at the house. Lexi knows it will be a while before her husband gets home, so she is ready to have a little fun. Watch as Lexi shows off her big juicy ass while she sucks and fucks her stepsons big white cock.
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Lexi Luna – Frat Bro Schooled by Step-Mom HD 1080p

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Van used to be such a sweet step son until he moved away from home and joined a frat. When he returns home for a visit, he thinks he can continue his misogynistic behavior. Lexi reminds him that this is not his frat house. And she is not his mom. She is his fucking step mom. She makes Van do chores the rest of the weekend while she holds onto his phone as collateral. When the weekend comes to a close, and he needs his phone bag, Lexi charges him with one last task. Any training on respecting women wouldn’t be complete without a lesson on pussy eating. Van doesn’t know if she is serious or not. He tries to kiss her but she stops him. She didn’t tell him to kiss her. She told him to eat her pussy. He goes down on her and listens to her every command. She instructs him on exactly how she likes her pussy licked. Then, since he has been such a good boy, she pulls out his long dick and sucks it slowly, running her tongue all over it. Then she stuff him inside her waiting hole. She pins him down and rides him hard. When she is convinced he has learned his lesson, she lets him get on top and blow his load all over her huge tits.
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Naomi Swann, Lexi Luna – Young Step Mom Lexi Teaches Naomi To Give Footjob Afterwork HD 1080p

From: Bratty Babes Own You

Lexi Luna and her step daughter have a special connection. Naomi explains to her hot stepmom Lexi that her boyfriend likes her feet and she is not sure what to do. Lexi knows has dealt with this before and helps her cute young step daughter Naomi with some tips on giving a footjob. Lexi tells her stepdaughter to invite him over so she can show her new lesson. Naomi has her boyfriend on the bed and puts her sheer nylon soles on his cock. Naomi is struggling and cant seem to get a grip. Lexi being a concerned stepmother and unknown to Naomi she is watching through the crack on the door. Lexi cannot take anymore and decides to step in. Naomi is embarrassed but Naomi cant help but embrace her stepmoms help. Lexi wraps her pantyhose soles around Naomi’s cock and gives it a perfect stroke. Naomi is a quick learner and with the cock already there she is able to master Lexi’s technique. Naomi strokes cock and without even using her hands and has her boyfriend shoot a huge load while her step mom watches with her feet up in delight.

Category: FOOTJOBS
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Your Busty Step Mom Lexi Luna Coerces You For Cock HD 1080p

From: Raquels Fellatio Fantasies

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Your Step – Step-Mother Lexi is wiping away her face in tears, words leaving her lips claiming a stressful marriage between your step-father and her. It seems that he is no longer interested in your beautiful, busty step mother, his eyes and cock desiring to seek out younger women. Lexi can’t understand it, I mean obviously she’s captivating; her own step son can’t get enough of staring at her! What.. you didn’t think she noticed? The way you always stare at her bouncing tits whenever she walks, or the swaying of her hips, shaking of her plump ass as she moves about. Well, she surely has, and since your step-father no longer appreciates her; maybe it’s your turn to. Let your busty step mother blow your mind and your cock, spreading her legs and bending over her ass so that her step son can finally live out the fantasy that so clearly has been written on his face. What are step-mother’s for, after all?
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