Lexi Lore

Carolina Sweets, Lexi Lore – Trance Therapy HD 1080p

Session 1: Carolina Sweets received very special treatment for her addiction issues from the good doctor, but there are so many more young women out there who need his help! Lexi Lore is excited that her friend Carolina was able to get her free trance therapy sessions, but she didn’t realize that Carolina would be helping the doctor. She has Lexi stare into the light as she asks her a series of questions, each one putting Lexi more and more into a deep trance. She explains to Lexi how addiction isn’t about the, its just an oral fixation, kind of like how she likes to run her tongue over her braces. “Show the doctor Lexi,” Carolina encourages her friend. Soon she has Lexi begging for the doctor to put something in her mouth and he obliges by offering her his fingers, but Carolina hasn’t had a taste all day so the doctor offers her one of his fingers as well. The girls suck desperately licking a drooling all over his hand as Carolina continues to program her friend. Just as they’re both about to cum, the doctor stops.

Session 2: Lexi is dressed sexier for the doctor and Carolina gets right down to programming her. She needs to taste the doctor again, he’s more addictive than any . This time Carolina pulls out Lexi perky young tits so the doctor can see them while the girls make out for him, but despite their begging he denies them the ability to cum once more.

Session 3: Lexi and Carolina are wearing lingerie and have on collars. They beg to taste the doctor, they beg him to ease their withdrawal. They need their fix so badly that they crawl across the floor to get it. He feeds them his cock and after they’ve been good girls, he feeds them his cum.

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Lexi Lore – Stepdaddy’s Favorite Little Slut HD 1080p

Cute blonde petite, Lexi Lore, likes to lounge around her house in her cute hot pink underwear, but her stepfather doesn’t think that’s appropriate. Later, her stepdad finds her sending out pictures of her small tits, and finally, Lexi decides to push the boundaries of her home and walks around her home fully naked. Her stepdad makes sure that Lexi is dressed, and she wears pink thigh high socks and matching hot pink lingerie. Her stepdaddy asks her if she knows what happens to girls that dress that way, she assumes punished, but little girls that dress like her get fucked! Her stepdaddy brings out his cock and makes Lexi jerk off his cock. After some apprehension, she sucks her stepdads’ cock like a good little girl. Her stepdad turns her over and shoves his cock in her tight little pussy, and she moans and groans that her stepdaddy’s cock is too big for her tight little pussy. He rams his cock in and out of her and she moans and shrieks with the unexpected pleasure her stepdaddy is giving her. Stepdad pops his dick out of Lexi and shoves it in her mouth, barely being able to fit his thick meat in her mouth. She fits him whole and gags as his cock hits the back of her throat and her eyes roll back. Lexi climbs on top of her stepdaddy and slowly inserts his cock, exclaiming that it’s too tight, but her stepdaddy doesn’t care, he fucks his little girl. Lexi tries to ride her stepdaddy’s big fat cock but it’s too much for her and she whimpers and moans, and her stepdad pinches the pierced nipples he didn’t know she had gotten. He teaches his girl how to fuck and makes sure to get a good look at her tight pink pussy. Lexi gains some confidence and rides the fuck out of her stepdaddy. He makes Lexi turn around and she rides him in reverse cowgirl and her pussy lips grip the shaft of his fat cock. She rides him hard and he leaves her ass raw from punishing spankings. Stepdaddy wants to see her mouth on his cock, and with tears in her eyes, she sucks and chokes on his cock like the slut she is. He lays her on her back and slaps his cock in her tight pussy. He shoves his fat cock in her, and she whimpers and moans at his girth. Stepdaddy slaps and chokes Lexi as he shoves his big cock in the tightest pink pussy. Lexi jerk offs her stepdaddy’s cock and he cums on her face.

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Lexi Lore – Fuck-schooled by horny stepdad HD 1080p

Stepfather / Stepdaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, DADDY’S GIRL, Stepdad, Older Man / younger woman, Mom’s Husband / Wife’s Daughter, Role play, step father, step daughter, step daddy

When your stepdaughter doesn’t do the cores and all she cares about is talking on the phone and sending out nude pics via Snapchat you gotta take charge and show her who’s the boss in this household. This man teaches his blonde stepdaughter a fucking lesson by the means of big cock fucking her pretty mouth and tight pussy so hard she totally loses her mind of pleasure. Now wipe hot cum off your face and go make daddy something to eat, you whore!
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Lexi Lore – He’s My Stepdad 2 HD 1080p

Stepfather / Stepdaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, DADDY’S GIRL, Stepdad, Older Man / younger woman, Mom’s Husband / Wife’s Daughter, Role play, step father, step daddy, step daughter, Blonde

Lexi Lores uses her stepdad to practice her lap dances on, which quickly escalates to his thick cock in both of her holes!
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