Leana Lovings

Leana Lovings, Khloe Kingsley, Breezy Bri – Cam Girl: Part 2 HD 1080p

Leana recruits her friends Breezy Bri and Khloe Kingsley into doing cam shows knowing that they will be blackmailed as well. After a session where the girls lay on their backs pretending he’s fucking them while they beg him to keep it a secret, Leana realizes something. The strange pattern of his webcam, its doing something to them, its making them want what he wants. She knows this SHOULD bother her, but it doesn’t, she likes being controlled and his next command is to get her friends ready for her stepdad.

Knowing they’ll be home alone all night, the girl tell Leana’s stepdad that they need his help. The blackmailer wants to see all three of them suck his cock. He tries to tell them this needs to end, but being surrounded by three 18 year old girls kissing his neck and caressing his body, its impossible for him to resist. Leana sucks his cock as Breezy and Khloe kiss him, each one showing their gratitude for his help until all three get on their knees and pleasure his cock together. The move to Leana’s room and each girl takes a turn sucking his cock while the others kiss and whisper in his ears. Breezy can’t hold back and confesses her love for him, but Khloe quickly confesses she is in love with him too. They promise to not see anymore boys, they’ll be his and only his. They just want to hear him say he loves them. They beg until he does and then they work so hard to earn his cum.

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Katie Kush, Leana Lovings – Trance Therapy: Part 1-3 HD 1080p

Session 1: Katie Kush and Leana Lovings hate each other and their sorority has had enough, either they get counseling or they get kicked out of the house. So the girls go to see the good doctor for a round of Trance Therapy. Dr. Holden gets them relaxed with some breathing exercises as he delves into their minds. Their hatred stems from the fact that they’re both in love with the same man.. “He’s mature” the doctor explains and after a flash of light the girls agree, he IS mature. This MUST mean they like older men, but they’re confused because James isn’t THAT much older than they are. After another flash of light the girls can’t help but agree, they DO like older men. Their bodies squirm as they lay in a trance. They LOVE being submissive for him as they suck on the doctor’s thumb, as he squeezes their tits, as he places his hand around their neck. They beg to feel his kiss, to please him. They’re SO in love with him. They’ve loved him from the moment they saw him. The doctor has a homework assignment. Every morning, afternoon and evening they will masturbate thinking about him and how desperately they want to earn his love. But, the only way they’ll be able to cum is from the thought of sharing him. They return from their trance oddly turned on by the doctor. They have a knot in their stomach and can’t help but give him a hug. As they pull back they look up into his eyes with longing. Desperately hoping he’ll lean down and kiss them, but he just says “I’ll see you next week”

Session 2: Katie and Leana return for a second session proud to say they didn’t fight once all week. In fact they’ve never felt better in their lives and couldn’t wait for a second session! Dr. Holden explains that this week they’re going to do ‘Whisper Therapy’. He has the girls get on their knees and look into his light while they whisper into a pair of ASMR microphones. Katie’s Fantasy: Katie confesses that as soon as she left his office she was fantasizing about the doctor following her to the sorority house and sneaking into her room late at night. As she tells it, she can picture it happening to her, but not in her bedroom, but right there in the office. It can’t be real though, it’s just in her head right? She thinks about him spreading her legs and pushing himself inside her. With each thrust she falls more and more in love with him. “But you can’t cum can you?” The doctor asks. Ashamed she admits she can’t. “What finally makes you cum?” he asks. Seeing her sorority step-sister Leana watching them in the doorway. The doctor is pleased with her fantasy and rewards them by allowing them to cum for him. They are SO grateful.

Leana’s Fantasy: Leana had a full day of classes yesterday and couldn’t get home to play with herself in the afternoon like the doctor commanded. She ran out of class desperate to find a place to fuck herself. She found a quiet study nook in the library, slid to the floor and pulled her sopping wet panties down around her ankles. She could feel his presence above her and opened her mouth as he pulled out his cock, begging to be used by him. “But you weren’t alone were you?” the doctor asks. She shakes her head a little ashamed. She wasn’t. Katie was standing right next to the doctor stroking his cock and kissing him. Again the doctor is pleased so he permits them to cum again for him.

Training: The doctor explains that sorority sisters love each other and that he wants to see them kiss and tell the other they love them. The girls kiss and say ‘I love you’, but it’s not good enough so the doctor has them do it again and again until he sees true love and passion in their eyes. Three. Two. One. The girls return from their trance and the doctor tells them they were great. Instinctively they respond with ‘Thank you’. Before leaving Leana works up the courage to ask if she can kiss the doctor and instantly Katie says she wants to kiss him too. The doctor doesn’t see an issue with it, so long as they promise not to tell anyone. They promise and spoon up next to him, kissing him back and forth until he pulls away and says ‘I’ll see you next week’. [NOTE: This description is what the girls SAY in their fantasy, not all of what is said is acted out in the slow-motion footage]

Session 3: Katie Kush and Leana Lovings Objective: Complete submissive training. Turn them into Harem recruiters. The girls return for their third and final session dressed like they’re ready to start working at a strip club. They don’t need a trance to know they want to serve and pleasure the doctor, but he needs to put them in one final trance before they can worship him. It takes no time for them to fall under his power as they tell him how much they love him and how they’ve just been thinking of him ALL week while playing with each other. “The thought of not earning my love terrifies you doesn’t it?” the lights flash and the girls become worried. They promise to do anything he wants, they beg for a chance to prove they can serve and worship him. He says he will but they need to start bringing a new sorority step-sister to therapy each week until the whole house is in love with him. The lights flash and they promise to do as he commands. Three. Two. One. The doctor comes out and sits between the girls as they kiss him and rub his growing cock. They get on their knees and he lets them begin to service him with their mouths. They tell him how much they love him as they eagerly share his cock. Licking the head, one sucking his balls while the other takes him deep, lips on either side going up and down…they HAVE been practicing how to share. They take turns kissing him while the other sucks, telling him that they love him, how they’re devoted to him, how pleasuring his cock makes them SO submissive. Leana give him her tits to suck on with Katie bobs up and down then Leana gets on her knees to wrap those tits around his cock. She enthusiastically bounces up and down as Katie kiss him, telling him how badly they want to milk him. Good girls share and they want to bring more sorority sisters to him. There’s at LEAST 14 and they’re always adding more. He lays back and has them stroke him and beg some more. Once he’s close Katie drains his cock into her mouth until some spills on her fingers. Leana rushes down to get a taste. They’re SO grateful he permitted them to prove themselves.

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Featuring: Cory Chase, Leana Lovings, Brooklyn Chase, Quinn Waters, Rebel Rhyder, Vivianne DeSilva, Karma Rx, Melanie Hicks, Amiee Cambridge, Nikki Brooks, Coco Vandi

Cory Chase enjoys some company in Taboo Heat’s Hottest Threesome Compilation. Enjoy!

00:00 – Free Use Step Daughter Vol. 3 – Gas is Too High
03:00 – My Hot New Step Mom Brooklyn Chase
06:00 – Free Use Step Family Vol 1
09:00 – Hot New Free Use Step-Mom Vol 1
12:00 – Stuck Step Mom
15:00 – Truth Or Dare With Step Mom
18:00 – Perfect Free Use Anal Step Aunt
21:00 – Multi-Milfverse – Tale of Two Nikki’s
24:00 – Theme Park Vacation with Free Use Step Mom (Part 4)
27:00 – Free Use Moving In – Rent is Due (Parts 3-4)

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Leana Lovings – Gullible Home Care Nurse has a New Understanding of Patient Needs HD 1080p

Leana is waiting on her nursing license to transfer over so she is taking homecare jobs. When she interviews with a new client about taking care of his elder parents she finds out the care is for him. Everything makes perfect sense once he explains his situation and his needs

At-Home Nursing Care

Leanna comes to interview for an at-home nursing position in a strangers house. At first she doesn’t agree with his odd ideas about the type of care he is looking for. But after he uses a special device she becomes very gullible and understanding

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Leana Lovings – Local School Senior is His Next Girl HD 1080p

Leanna is going door to door selling chocolate bars to fundraise and finds herself in a strangers house. the homeowner is very friendly but he makes a lot of odd suggestions. At first she feels like every thing he says is one bad idea after another but whenever the homeowner tells her to just think about it she realizes all his suggestions make perfect sense

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