Lady Fyre – The Queen’s Plot HD 1080p

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Your uncle was the King until Lady Olivia seduced him into marrying her then fucked him to d3.ath. Now she’s the ruling Queen. Your father, the king’s brother, discovered the Queen’s plot & threatened to expose her as the traitor she is. So she had him & you thrown in the dungeon. She comes to your cell late at night & asks you to sign a confession saying that your father is a traitor who poisoned the king. She tells you that if you sign the confession, it will prevent a war & keep both houses safe. You refuse to sign, but she knows how to get into the minds of men through their sexual needs. She seduces you & has sex with you. While riding you, she explains that if you refuse to sign the confession, she will make you pay dearly. If you do sign it, she will ex3cute your father & marry you. That will allow the houses to align. She will fuck you every night until you give her a son. She will raise him to be the next King, she will seduce him too, and once she’s done with his training, she will ex3cute you as well. “Your father’s time has passed, and you have an opportunity to stand by my side as I rule. You will have a wife who gratifies you sexually. Yes, you will be a slave and our son will be a slave, but sometimes that’s the price you pay for staying alive.” You now know that no matter what you do, your father will d1e, and eventually you will too. You still can’t help but focus on the strange & amazing feeling in your cock as the treacherous Queen rides you to orgasm. You cum knowing that from this moment forward your fate is sealed by the Queen

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