Khloe Kapri

Khloe Kapri – Hot Alt Girl See’s Sucking and Fucking in her Future HD 1080p

Khloe has always believed in tarot cards and ESP and when a regular at the shop she works at tells her about a crystal ball that has been in his family for generations and how just recently it has been “active” she goes to his place after work to see for herself. She is shocked at what she sees when she gazes into to crystal ball but, everything she sees cums true…

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Jessica Ryan, Lily Larimar, Khloe Kapri, Natalie Brooks – Intimacy Creations: Part 2 HD 1080p

You couldn’t help yourself, you had to buy the Harem expansion pack. If the threesome with Lily Larimar and Jessica Ryan felt that good what would it feel like to have even more women worshiping you?

The headset hums as it begins to scan you brainwaves once more. Jess and Lily’s sexy voices breathing in your ear, pampering you as they encourage you to just let your mind wander. In no time your mind conjures a new girl, Khloe Kapri. She smiles revealing a shiny metal mouth full of braces. “Don’t they make her looks so innocent?” Lily asks. But don’t worry, Khloe promises she’s not THAT innocent. Soon she’s calling you step-daddy just like Lily and they’re kissing and moaning in your ear, promising to please you in any way you want.

Before you know it a third girl arrives, Natalie Brooks. “Thank you for creating me to be one of your harem fucktoys” she moans. And she is, she’s all yours. ALL four of them are totally devoted to you and only you. Lily and Jess get to work training the new girls, shoving fingers down their throats so you can hear them gag, so their mouths drip with spit, so they’re primed and ready to service you however you like. Would you like to continue your fantasy? Lily is your step-daughter and Jessica is her cheer coach? There was a pool party for the cheerteam but everyone else is gone and your wife isn’t here. The four girls are waiting for you in the shower, dripping wet, their little bikinis clinging to their firm little bodies. They surround you. Each one fighting to kiss you as petite fingers rubs you al over. You once back and forth from the shower to the brain scan as your mind tries to formulate a fantasy for you, but it all feels so good its difficult to focus, until Jess says “maybe we should find a BIG bed to worship master on…” Yes. You can see it now. You’re laying back, Lily and Khloe spooned up against you, as they share passionate kisses with you and confess their total love for you. Jess and Natalie lay between your legs, serving your cock with religious devotion.

They promise you wife won’t find out, they’ll keep it secret. But if you wanted, you could have this ALL the time and they could bring even MORE girls to serve you. Would you like that? All you need to do is sign over your body and life savings to Intimacy Corp and while these four pleasure you, a team will come to your home and transport your body to the Fantasy Immersion Facility. “You won’t even notice its happening” Lily promises, “because you’ll only feel the love and affections of four perfect girls all over you.” You could be loved by them forever. Worshipped by them always. Just forget about your wife, your job, your responsibilities and live out all your fantasies with an endless supply of women.

“But none of this is real” you weakly protest. The girls double their efforts. Doesn’t it feel real? Doesn’t it feel good? You deserve this pleasure. The girls want to give you everything you deserve. They’re gonna make you forget about everything. They’re going to prove their love. They wrap themselves around you. Two girls always kissing you and whispering their totally love and devotion to you, as two other girls keep your cock dripping wet as they worship it with their mouths. At no point is your cock not being pleased as the rest of your senses are overloaded with affection. You don’t know why you’re even resisting. You know this is what you want….forever.

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Khloe Kapri – I’ll Take Care of You, Stepdaddy HD 720p

All-natural babe Khloe Kapri is the best stepdaughter anyone could ask for. She knows that taking care of a spoiled brat like herself must be very difficult for her stepfather, especially now that her stepmom left them. Khloe doesn’t want her stepdaddy to get tired of taking care of her. She is so accustomed to the life of comfort that she is willing to do everything it takes to continue living as she did. Khloe knows that her stepfather is tired, and at the same time, sexually frustrated. He doesn’t have a woman to help him release his stress. Khloe wants to take the place of her stepmom. The small tits babe is confident that she can satisfy her stepdaddy better than her stepmom. Wearing her sexiest pink crop top, shorts, and socks, Khloe goes to her stepfather to give him the service he deserves. The thoughtful slut doesn’t think twice and goes immediately for her stepfather’s huge cock. She quickly gives the man of the house a titillating blowjob. She tries to deepthroat his huge cock but ends up gagging as the tip touches the back of her throat. Khloe wants her stepfather to sit back, relax, and enjoy the moment. She does a quick striptease before riding her stepfather’s big dick in reverse cowgirl position. Her bubble butt wiggles cutely as she slides her pussy up and down his cock. She looks back to her stepfather to make sure that he is enjoying her gift for him. After humping him in reverse cowgirl, Khloe shifted to the cowgirl position. She spreads her legs and leans back to let her stepdaddy have a better view of her gripping beaver. Her stepfather can’t control his lust any longer. He wants to fuck her stepdaughter to the limits. He bends her over to the bed and starts to fuck her from behind. After taking her doggy style, Khloe’s stepdaddy turns her around into the missionary position. He continues to pound her in the pussy until he feels like he is about to explode. He unloads his thick cream all over his petite stepdaughter’s irresistible body.

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Khloe Kapri – ASMR Taste HD 1080p

From: Mind Under Master

Khloe has seen all the cute girls who make ASMR videos so she jumped at the chance when a producer cast her to be the star of his new ASMR channel. She dresses up in her cute colorful outfit and gets to work whispering to the audience, asking what kinds of sounds they like. She teases the sequins on her boots, plays with her tassels and cracks some glow sticks, but the producer has a whole array of candies ready for her. She pops a hard candy into her mouth and finds herself feeling so wonderful. By the time she’s letting the rock candy fizzle on her tongue her pussy is soaking wet. Then he recommends she put on a new outfit, he’s going to give her a Popsicle and doesn’t want her to ruin her clothes. She nods. It makes sense she thinks as he hands her a some very skimpy underwear. Without thinking she puts it on, she hesitates briefly but eagerly puts on the six inch heels once he showed her the pink Popsicle he had waiting. It was just an ASMR video and the candy has been SO good, she could wait to have more. He feeds her the candy and then tells her to look into camera and read the script. Her eyes glassy now she does as she’s told. She tells ALL the step-daddy’s out there how she just wants to make them happy. She tells them to forget their wives and just enjoy her voice. Her sweet innocently little voice. She practically falling over from her sugar high when the producer comes out to help her. She leans back against him while he pushed the Popsicle down her throat. She gags but doesn’t care, it feel so good, the candy just makes her feel so fucking good that she starts grinding against his hard-on while he feeds her. When the Popsicle is gone he offers he his fingers and the moment he puts them in her mouth its like she’s tasting candy all over again. She sucks and licks his fingers telling him how tasty they are, but then he stands up and tells her the sounds of his zipper would be good ASMR. She nods and unzips his pants, she can feel his cock getting hard and catches herself. “Wait I thought it was just candy?” He zips his pants back up and she begs for it back. She unzips his pants and hards his cock into her mouth. Iss so very good, so much better than the real candy. He tells her this will make the step-daddy’s at home very happy. She wants to make the step-daddy’s happy because she gets more candy whenever step-daddy is happy. Soon step-daddy wants to try her other holes and she obeys. He fucks her from behind, she rides him, she does whatever he says because she needs her candy. Step-Daddy has her lay down so he can taste HER candy, she looks up into camera hoping all the step-daddy’s at home like watching her cum while her step-daddy licks up her sweet little candy for himself. Once he’s had step-daddy fill he pins his down with his hand around her throat and fucks her until she cums, her sweet little voice moaning in his ear while he takes what he wants. Then step-daddy lets her suck out the best part of his candy. She begs and pleads for it. She knows it’s going to taste the best, she just needs to prove she’s a good for her step-daddy. She wants to be good so step-daddy will keep giving her his candy.

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Khloe Kapri – WORLD’S BEST STEP DAD HD 1080p (2022)

Stepfather / Stepdaughter Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, DADDY’S GIRL, Stepdad, Older Man / younger woman, Mom’s Husband / Wife’s Daughter, Role play, step father, step daughter, step daddy

Step dad, relax. It’s not even that big. It’s just a butt plug. I don’t get it. When I put things in my pussy, that’s fine with you. But when I do butt stuff you get embarrassed. Just film it. Guy’s love buying anal videos. It’s not like you have to help me put it in or something…
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Khloe Kapri – Step Siblings Scene 2 HD 1080p

Step-brother / Step-Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Step-Siblings, Stepbro, Stepsis, Stepsister, Stepbrother, Role play, step brother, step sister, sisters

Khloe arrives at the house Michael shares with his parents fresh out of silly hall. After turning eighteen, the judge decided that she should serve out the remainder of her sentence on house arrest. When she was younger she was arrested for tying up and robbing a couple. Michael shows her to her room, a bit weary to leave her alone. But he also stayed up all night studying for an exam and is in desperate need of some sleep. He wakes up with Khloe on top of him. His horror at seeing her there is matched by his arousal. Is she there to fuck him or rob him? Khloe takes control of the situation, and of her fearful stepbrother. She hasn’t had sex with a guy since she was locked up and she can’t wait any longer for some cock. She attacks him with the force of a psychotic in desperate need to get off. Soon she is sweating and squirting all over his thick cock, and even then she does not stop. She just keeps working her stepbrother’s dick until he cums all over her stomach.
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Khloe Kapri – DOUBLE QUICKIE?? HD 1080p (2022)

Father – Daughter / Brother – Sister Incest, Taboo, Roleplay, Family Fantasies, Daddy’s Girl, Daddy, OLDER MAN / YOUNGER WOMAN, ROLE PLAY, Blonde

Khloe Kapri is one horny teen, totally insatiable! Her pussy is always wet & looking to be stuffed. When she finds her stepbrother Johnny Love alone on the couch she starts to tease by flashing her braces & her tits! Her stepdad Peter Fitzwell walks by to tell them he’s leaving for a bit and they narrowly avoid getting caught. Johnny is convinced & follows his stepsister to her bedroom. The little slut Khloe gives him a sloppy blowjob before hopping aboard his cock for a wet ride. When Peter comes back because he forgot his cellphone, he hears his stepdaughter getting railed. They are shocked when their stepdad walks in on them, Johnny leaves Peter alone with his stepdaughter. Once Khloe notices her stepdad’s hard cock, she can’t help but stuff it down her throat. Peter fucks his stepdaughter’s greasy teen pussy every which way until he nuts right inside her!
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