Jessica Ryan, Lily Larimar, Khloe Kapri, Natalie Brooks – Intimacy Creations: Part 2 HD 1080p

You couldn’t help yourself, you had to buy the Harem expansion pack. If the threesome with Lily Larimar and Jessica Ryan felt that good what would it feel like to have even more women worshiping you?

The headset hums as it begins to scan you brainwaves once more. Jess and Lily’s sexy voices breathing in your ear, pampering you as they encourage you to just let your mind wander. In no time your mind conjures a new girl, Khloe Kapri. She smiles revealing a shiny metal mouth full of braces. “Don’t they make her looks so innocent?” Lily asks. But don’t worry, Khloe promises she’s not THAT innocent. Soon she’s calling you step-daddy just like Lily and they’re kissing and moaning in your ear, promising to please you in any way you want.

Before you know it a third girl arrives, Natalie Brooks. “Thank you for creating me to be one of your harem fucktoys” she moans. And she is, she’s all yours. ALL four of them are totally devoted to you and only you. Lily and Jess get to work training the new girls, shoving fingers down their throats so you can hear them gag, so their mouths drip with spit, so they’re primed and ready to service you however you like. Would you like to continue your fantasy? Lily is your step-daughter and Jessica is her cheer coach? There was a pool party for the cheerteam but everyone else is gone and your wife isn’t here. The four girls are waiting for you in the shower, dripping wet, their little bikinis clinging to their firm little bodies. They surround you. Each one fighting to kiss you as petite fingers rubs you al over. You once back and forth from the shower to the brain scan as your mind tries to formulate a fantasy for you, but it all feels so good its difficult to focus, until Jess says “maybe we should find a BIG bed to worship master on…” Yes. You can see it now. You’re laying back, Lily and Khloe spooned up against you, as they share passionate kisses with you and confess their total love for you. Jess and Natalie lay between your legs, serving your cock with religious devotion.

They promise you wife won’t find out, they’ll keep it secret. But if you wanted, you could have this ALL the time and they could bring even MORE girls to serve you. Would you like that? All you need to do is sign over your body and life savings to Intimacy Corp and while these four pleasure you, a team will come to your home and transport your body to the Fantasy Immersion Facility. “You won’t even notice its happening” Lily promises, “because you’ll only feel the love and affections of four perfect girls all over you.” You could be loved by them forever. Worshipped by them always. Just forget about your wife, your job, your responsibilities and live out all your fantasies with an endless supply of women.

“But none of this is real” you weakly protest. The girls double their efforts. Doesn’t it feel real? Doesn’t it feel good? You deserve this pleasure. The girls want to give you everything you deserve. They’re gonna make you forget about everything. They’re going to prove their love. They wrap themselves around you. Two girls always kissing you and whispering their totally love and devotion to you, as two other girls keep your cock dripping wet as they worship it with their mouths. At no point is your cock not being pleased as the rest of your senses are overloaded with affection. You don’t know why you’re even resisting. You know this is what you want….forever.

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