Kelly Payne – Taboo Cum True. Son thought it was a Dream HD 1080p

You walk in while your mom is getting ready and can tell she forgot but your distracted by her beauty as usual, her natural long red hair, perfect hourglass shape, she always is dressed well and you can’t help but remind her she doesn’t need all that product on her face, she’s naturally beautiful, exactly the way she is. Perfect in every way. Her perfect curves, natural beauty, perfect DD maybe DDD breasts, round ass… your drifting into a fantasy daydream again and you can’t help it, finding yourself in and out of a daydream where your mother wants you, wants to please you, suck you, kiss you, ride you…

bend over for you, tease you, stroke you. OOPS.. you did it again lost touch… You manage to hide your boner and follow your mother to the kitchen where she makes you a cup of tea. Except again you find yourself in and out in a daze and she’s offering you mothers milk, spraying it into your coffee, squirting into your coffee, filling her pussy full of your cum as she bends over the counter and begs for your cock. ARE YOU OKAY… you snap out of your daze again, moms worries about you, thinks your coming down with a flu. Really you just can’t help yourself, why is your mother so fucking sexy….

She leaves for work and now you can stroke yourself and fantasize. Mother pulls a dildo and vibrator out of her purse and encourages you to stroke for her, bending her over the kitchen table until you cum deep in her. Mother always enjoys a bath after work, you hide in your usual spot and wait and watch. As she invites you into her bath to watch her play with her pussy your dazed, confused, hard, horny, and FUCK your mom is asking why your in the closet, she walks you to your room. You can barely focus, she’s pulling off her towel, rubbing you, sucking you, ridding you, you fill her again full of cum.

Wait, how’d you end up in the kitchen? Moms got her hair stuck in the cabinet, her ass is so round, so perfect, you can’t focus, you pull off her underwear and shove your cock inside her… It feels different this time. OMG your going to cum already its so wet, so tight, so fucking perfect, you fill her full…. Wait… OH FUCK WHAT DID YOU JUST DO! Why aren’t you waking up… SHIT… Did you just fuck your mom for real!!!????

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